Questions and answers

What versions of Microsoft Outlook and/or Microsoft Windows is eWay-CRM compatible with?

eWay-CRM is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 as well as Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. That means that eWay-CRM is also compatible with Microsoft Office 365.

eWay-CRM is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook for Mac.

What exactly is eWay-CRM – a locally installed desktop application, or a web-based application?

eWay-CRM is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in.

eWay-CRM has a server-client architecture type. The client side of eWay-CRM is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook for Windows and uses a local Microsoft SQL Server database. The server side is basically a server database – Microsoft SQL Server as well. The server component can run on customer’s server (on-site/on-premises option) or on ours (on-demand option).

I am concerned about security of my data – where is the data stored and is there any backup feature?

eWay-CRM synchronizes data between the local database (running on your PC) and the server database (running either on your own server or on a hosted server). In case of the hosted server, the connection between the local and the server database is protected by SSL certificate (https://). Also, we do provide a backup service for the server database.

In case of the on-demand option (subscription on monthly payment basis), the server database is always hosted by our side.

If I decide not to use eWay-CRM, how can I uninstall it? Is there any possibility that I will loose my Microsoft Outlook contacts or e-mails?

eWay-CRM is a standard desktop program and can be uninstalled from Control Panel in Microsoft Windows.

Both e-mails and contacts are copied to eWay-CRM database and the original items stay in your Outlook. If you decide to uninstall eWay-CRM, you don’t loose anything from Outlook.

What is the difference between eWay-CRM and Microsoft BCM (Business Contact Manager)?

Both software are designed to help companies manage customers, sales and projects. Since eWay-CRM is designed as a CRM for teams/companies the functionality covers more areas – marketing, sales, projects and CRM. It has also an advanced administration settings where you can make your own fields, customize user permissions or set up a workflow.

What is the difference between eWay-CRM Basic and eWay-CRM Free?

eWay-CRM Basic is an old and unsupported version. We recommend switching to eWay-CRM Free. It is free as well but comes with plenty of eWay-CRM Premium features:

  1. You have an access to all new upgrades and updates we release for free.
  2. You can customize the software through the administration settings.
  3. You can install eWay-CRM on more devices and the Cloud will sync data amongst them.
  4. There is a Cloud component on our well secure server with 200 MB space per customer.
  5. We take care of backups every day and keep them for 2 weeks. In case your PC breaks, you just buy a new one and restore your data back.

So we strongly recommend to switch to eWay-CRM Free. Here is a link how to do that https://www.eway-crm.com/gb/how-to-upgrade-to-eway-crm-free.

The data will stay on your PC during the upgrade and you can also do a backup before the upgrade (see the link above).

What is the difference between eWay-CRM Free and eWay-CRM Premium?

  1. eWay-CRM Premium includes the data sharing functionality and can be used by multiple users within the company.
  2. We provide 10 GB data space for eWay-CRM Premium users.
  3. We provide telephony support for eWay-CRM Premium users.
  4. With eWay-CRM Premium, you can host data on your own server if you want.

Can I use the same account for eWay-CRM Free on my second computer?

Yes, you can install eWay-CRM Free on multiple devices for one user.

Do you support mobile phones?

If your mobile phone is synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, you can see all contact information, notes and journal related to contacts. The Android application is to be released in Q3 2016, iPhone application – in Q4 2016.

Can I migrate data from eWay-CRM Free to eWay-CRM Premium?

If you purchase the software, the data will be moved automatically.

Do I need a server to use eWay-CRM?

No, data can be hosted in the Cloud.

Can I host data on my server?

Yes, if you use eWay-CRM Premium, you can keep your data on your own Windows Server.

Can I purchase a lifetime license and host data in your Cloud?

Yes, you can.

Will you help me to migrate my data to eWay-CRM from Excel, Business Contact Manager or other CRM?

You can import data from Microsoft Excel into some eWay-CRM modules – Leads, Companies, Contacts and Goods.

If you need to enter any other data (Journals, E-mails, Projects, etc.), let us know. We will help you.

What to do if the installation (or upgrade) is unsuccessful?

Issues can be caused by multiple reasons including your Microsoft and Outlook settings.

The most frequent problems as follows:

  1. You can’t see the eWay-CRM ribbon in your Outlook. Solution is here.
  2. A web browser window appears once you click on any Outlook module. Solution is here.
  3. Your eWay-CRM ribbon is grey. In this case, please contact our support team at [email protected].

If you have any other troubles you can try to find a solution here or contact our support team for help.

Who have an access to your Cloud?

Our Cloud server is well secured and running in one of the best server houses in the Czech Republic. The connection between you and the server is encrypted by SSL.

Only eWay-CRM management team and the server provider (Cloud4com) have access there. The conditions are available at https://www.eway-crm.com/gb/eula.

You are absolutely free to save any kind of sensitive information as far as it doesn’t violate 6.4 of our business terms.

Can eWay-CRM work offline?

Yes, it can. Your data will be synchronized automatically once you are back online.

How to send logs to support?

Check out the https://kb.eway-crm.com/faq-1/tips/sending-log-by-e-mail instruction.

Can I customize eWay-CRM (change workflows, add fields, etc.)?

Yes, we you can do it yourself in the Administration Application or contact us for more details.

Will you train me?

Yes, we offer training sessions for groups of users. Contact us for more details.