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eWay-CRM is used by many companies through different industries. Have a look at how eWay-CRM can help you in detailed case studies.



David Bell is a shareholder at Wyrsch Hobbs and Mirakian, P.C., a top-rated Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney. He helps good people with a navigation in a bad situation. David´s team is regularly facing criminal charges in municipal, state, and federal courts.

David needed a secure, centralized database integrated with Microsoft Outlook that permitted any member of his team to record, view and organize all client-related communications and activities. As David described it to us, he needed ´Outlook for Teams´.


At a glance

  • ´Outlook type´ of information like emails, tasks, and calendar entries, belongs to Outlook.
  • Security comes first.
  • How to make great work become perfect service.


Read how to get the best from Outlook.


Assessment Systems International

Personnel assessment systems, consulting tools and materials that assist managers to make better people-related decisions in the areas of employee recruitment, placement, promotion and development.

Countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Russia

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Brilon is a modern, fast growing company constantly providing the Czech and Slovak market with new technologies in the spere of technical equipment for buildings – condensing boilers, heat pumps, drainage systems, solar collectors and so on.

Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia

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Moonlake Web Services is a company specializing in creating e-shops, websites, and server solutions.

Countries: Czech Republic

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