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eWay-CRM Premium

Option 1 – Lifetime License

  1. eWay-CRM® Premium is delivered upon the one-time licensing fee.
  2. The customer purchases a license for the selected number of users for an indefinite period.
  3. Within the eWay-CRM® Premium license, the customer is entitled to the following services:
    1. License for eWay-CRM Premium® for a selected number of users.
    2. The default setting of workflow and permissions.
    3. Remote installation of eWay-CRM® Premium on the client server (must meet our minimum server requirements). Installation of client components is made by the customer.
    4. Access to our mobile application for each licensed user.
  4. Updating settings and other tasks are managed by the customer, delivered within the dedicated system support time or charged according to the current price list.

Option 2 – Monthly Subscription

  1. The customer is entitled to the license for eWay-CRM® Premium for a selected number of users based on subscription period.
  2. The customer is entitled to the following services:
    1. License to the eWay-CRM® for a selected number of users.
    2. The default setting of workflow and permissions.
    3. System support, as defined below.
    4. Hosting of the server component.
    5. Access to our mobile application for each licensed user.
  3. Updating settings and other tasks are the responsibility of the customer or can be implemented by our staff according to the current price list.

Additional Services

System Support

  1. The System Support includes:
    1. Updates and upgrades that are issued in the prepaid support period.
    2. Free bug-fixes.
    3. eWay-CRM® Mobile license for every eWay-CRM® Premium license purchased / subscribed at full price.
  2. Other professional services (help with setting up, implementation, data imports, etc), will be charged additionally based on the current pricelist. In case of Lifetime Licenses, the System Support (which is an additional 15% annual fee, based on the number of licenses), also includes a discounted hourly rate of the professional services.


  1. The implementation entails setting up the eWay-CRM® Premium according to the individual customer needs.
  2. The implementation includes the following:
    1. Online introductory session with the customer to specify information needed for the customization. We usually cover following information:
      1. User accounts.
      2. User groups.
      3. The user rights / access for the selected group of users.
      4. Workflows for leads, projects and documents.
      5. Email notifications.
      6. Import of Word templates for quotations etc.
    2. Setting up the system according to the specification.
    3. Validation with customer.

Online Training

  1. The training is delivered online via a shared screen (TeamViewer or join.me).
  2. There are two types of the online training offered for eWay-CRM® Premium:
    1. The user training.
    2. The administrator training.

Data Import

  1. Data import from a structured data source (SQL, Excel) into eWay-CRM® database.
  2. The service of the data import consists of, and my not be limited to, these steps:
    1. Review of the provided data.
    2. Data transfer.
    3. Verification of the data import by the client.


  1. The server component of the information system eWay-CRM® Premium can be operated by a partner of eWay System.
  2. Provided are the following services:
    1. Server hosting of eWay-CRM® Premium.
    2. Microsoft SQL Server database with 10 GB data storage (storage may be upgraded at an additional rate).
    3. Regular backups at the end of each day (databases are backed up as far as two weeks).
    4. The company eWay System is responsible for maintaining the functionality of the server.

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Choose from the following modules


Contacts & Companies

Core module everybody starts with. Allows you to work with contacts, and companies, track communications and plan follow-ups.



Ads the ability to track deals, create quotes and invoices, and manage pricing and inventories.

+ $8 / user / month billed annually



Great if you need to coordinate the delivery once you sign a contract. Manage resources, track timesheets, and keep an eye on the budget.

+ $8 / user / month billed annually


Email Marketing

Extends your eWay-CRM of a professional email marketing tool. No limitations on the number of contacts. Charged by emails sent.

+ $19 / 10.000 emails / month billed annually