Flexible CRM for Microsoft Outlook

Simple to use, complex when you need it
  • Stay organized and focus on customers
  • Use only what you need
  • Expand your Outlook

How does our CRM software help your business?

  • Marketing

    Plan your marketing activities. Send bulk emails. Collect feedback. Evaluate efficiency. Generate leads.

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  • Sales

    Track business opportunities. Attach emails, notes or documents. Plan follow up activities. Use workflow to guide you through each case and automate the process.

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  • Customer Relationships

    Use Outlook contacts and keep all customer data in one place. Stay in touch with clients. Let reports show you where to focus your efforts.

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  • Project Management

    Automate your workflow and never forget important tasks. Keep documentation in one place. Track project finances and prevent potential problems.

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  • Reports and Analytics

    Get 360° view of your business. Plan goals for your team and see the progress. Export to Excel for further analytics.

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5000+ users all over the world

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  • Ian Becheer-Jones Owner, BJ (UK)

    "I’m only a 1 man operation and I just wanted to make the projects and leads work for me at the moment. For a small business that manages leads, projects and customer management eWay-CRM is great. I spent a lot of money in trying to get a system from Avidian technology set up. It cost me a lot of money and never worked correctly. It messed up all my contacts and the customer service was less than satisfactory. I just wish I had come across you guys first; you have been fantastic."

    Ian Becheer-Jones Owner, BJ (UK)
  • Philip Avery CEO, The Business Mechanic (UK)

    "The thing that has most impressed me with eWay-CRM has been their desire and ability to understand our functional requirements. In my experience this is very rare. Usually, there is a desire by suppliers to shoe-horn us into what they have to offer, focusing on that offering rather than on our need. I was impressed that eWay-CRM allowed us unfettered and untimed access to the system, gave thoughtful replies to our (many) questions, and provided significant Help documentation and excellent support."

    Philip Avery CEO, The Business Mechanic (UK)
  • Josyanne Bardavid Amar Sales Manager, Astro Lighting Ltd. (UK)

    "I recommend this system to anybody who is looking for a CRM software. It integrates with your e-mails and sorts it all out nice and neatly. I'm sure it does loads more that what I use it for but I just haven't discovered all its functionality yet! The support at eWay-CRM is the best so far, every time I have had a problem they have e-mailed me - called me - and we have even had a two way screen sharing at ungodly hours! Thanks a million, I love it."

    Josyanne Bardavid Amar Sales Manager, Astro Lighting Ltd. (UK)

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