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Turn your Outlook into an Effective CRM for Free.


Turn your Outlook into a professional CRM software at no costs. Work with the well-known environment, stay in one application and don’t switch between. Integrate Emails, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.

Get familiar with a free CRM system that resembles Microsoft Outlook. Use a tool you already know and decrease your learning curve.

eWay-CRM in Outlook


Contacts, Sales, Projects and Mail Merges available from your Outlook. Get the full communication history, attach documents, plan follow-ups, send bulk emails. Manage your pipeline, monitor life projects and let eWay-CRM Free send you reminders when needed.

Utilize eWay-CRM Free to run your business efficiently.

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Track every CRM contact in a shared database. Synchronize them with Outlook if necessary. Use categories to keep them well organized. Set up different permissions to provide access only to what users really need.

Automatically track emails, save phone calls and meeting minutes. eWay-CRM will remind you if you haven’t made contact with a client for a period of more than 30 days. You will never miss an opportunity again.

Enjoy the business CRM managing all your sales marketing activities in Microsoft Outlook.

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Use our professional Mail Merge feature to accurately target your market. Send them a personalized impressive looking email. Evaluate feedback (number of emails received, opened, link clicks, un-subscriptions) and follow up in few days with a phone call to maximize the result.

Turn business opportunities into sales easily with our Outlook CRM Software.

Professional marketing campaign


Convert a received email to a business deal. eWay-CRM Free automatically fills in all known data.

Automate your sales with eWay-CRM Free workflow. Let the Outlook CRM software generate tasks, ask for missing information and calculate your pipeline value real time.

Use predefined user views to look at data from various perspectives. Are you interested in deals by stages? Or would you rather see business opportunities within 30 days without any activity? All the views are available.

Convert email to eWay-CRM


eWay-CRM Free goes further than most CRMs. As a deal is won, someone has to take the responsibility and make sure the job is completed. Convert the deal into a project and run the delivery. All the history of communications will be moved automatically.

eWay-CRM Free workflow feature will help you automate the routine. With predefined templates, you can instantly generate an invoice or a project sheet document.

Not to mention about the Outlook integration – attach emails to projects and keep them well organized. The same applies to tasks and calendar events. Open a project card to find all related information in one place.

Workflow in eWay-CRM


Customize eWay-CRM Free to your needs. Create grid reports, utilize advanced filter editor, save user views for later use.

Design your own forms, make as many custom fields as needed, customize workflows, set up user permissions. eWay-CRM Free has a built-in administration app that helps you tailor the software to your specific needs to ensure your team members will follow best practices.

Administration Settings in eWay-CRM

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