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Web Access

Access your eWay-CRM online.

eWay-CRM data available in tablets

eWay-CRM Web Access is a web application which is designed for iPads as well. You can run it in the web browser and it is secured by username and password.

The database is linked with your eWay-CRM so everything is shared.

Modules that support easy work

There is a whole list of modules available here – Leads, Projects, Companies, Contacts, Journal, Work reports (time sheets) and Users. It is everything that the modern sales representative needs in the field.

The modules Companies, Contacts, Journal and WorkReports allow read-write functionality. Leads and Projects are read-only.

Information always to hand

eWay-CRM Web Access allows you to have a look at all information regarding a particular customer / partner.

The left navigation pane contains a history of opened items and bookmarks so you can quickly access popular items.

List views as you know them

Users can use all functionality from list views of eWay-CRM for Microsoft Outlook.

There is also support of the user views so you can customize and save your preferences as you wish.

Try now!

Click the button below to try out eWay-CRM Web Access. Log in using the following credentials:

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