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Video Tutorials for eWay-CRM Desktop

Do you use Outlook for Microsoft Windows? Learn how to turn it into a fully-fledged CRM with eWay-CRM

How To Videos

Learn the basics with our short how-to videos.

First Steps

Get familiar with how eWay-CRM Desktop works.

Written tutorial available here.

Import Contacts from Outlook

Do you keep your contacts in your Outlook? Move them to eWay-CRM and share them with the rest of your team.

Written tutorial available here.

Import Contacts from Excel

Build your database by importing contacts from Excel.

Written tutorial available here.

Save Emails to eWay-CRM

Learn how to save emails to eWay-CRM manually or automatically to share your customers’ communications.

Written tutorial available here.

Follow Up on Sent Emails

Are you sending an email and want to make sure to hear back? If you send a quote, you want to make sure it’s approved. If you send your colleague a request, you want to make sure it’s done. People get hundreds of emails every day and yours can’t be missed.

This method will help you stay on top of people’s mailboxes.

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Save Emails to eWay-CRM Desktop


Use our predefined categories or create your own. Use them to better organize your data.

Written tutorial available here.

Grids and Quick Reports

eWay-CRM Desktop has a powerful grid component. Learn how to use it to create basic reports.

Written tutorial available here.

Reset Your Password

Forgot your password? No worries. Get a new one.

Written tutorial available here.

Complete Demos

Master a specific topic with our complete demos.

Contacts and Companies

Create a unified database for clients, vendors, and partners. Discover how to differentiate contacts from companies, the value of storing emails and notes, and planning follow-ups. Build a digital rolodex that benefits your entire team.


Track deals and potential customers with a complete history of communications. Ensure no inquiry slips through the cracks with planned follow-up activities. Automate your sales pipeline using our streamlined workflow and enhance the efficiency of your sales reps.


What happens when you win a deal? Use our ‘Projects’ module to monitor your deliveries. Keep all emails, notes, and documents organized in one place, along with contacts and upcoming meetings. Track your time to accurately calculate your profits.

Email Marketing

Boost your email marketing with eWay-CRM! Send thousands of emails seamlessly and gather feedback easily. Learn how our integrated marketing module can save you time and hassle in this quick tutorial!

Live Demos and Webinars

Let us personally present you eWay-CRM. Watch existing webinars for specific topics.

Contacts and Companies by Ernest Cory

Learn how to turn eWay-CRM into your team digital Rolodex.

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