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SONET Has Easily Customized eWay-CRM Into the Ultimate Business Tool

You may have used SONET member of Payten technology before, even if you don’t know it. It’s used not only by financial institutions and shops but also in a wide range of payment machines.


Although Covid has affected them as well, recently there has been a surge in requests for their unattended payment technology, so they started looking for a tool that would help them organize their business opportunities and simplify their internal communications.

All of the company’s requirements were eventually met by eWay-CRM, and SONET is now able to handle many more opportunities than ever before.


SONET is a worldwide player

SONET has been providing payment technology for over 30 years. They already expanded to many European countries and in 2019, when the company joined the international Payten group, they entered South America.

Their main business is the development and distribution of their own software solutions. In recent years they started offering payment terminals, with more than 125 payment technology experts involved worldwide – including in-house employees, freelancers, and contractors.

To provide their customers with a complete cashless payment solution, SONET also works with more than 200 business partners – such as hardware suppliers for ticketing, vending, parking, and other machines.


Sharing information? Best in Outlook!

As the company grew, so did the need for effective communication, both internal and external. SONET’s sales team was handling an increasing number of deals and projects and keeping track of whether a potential partner had been contacted, whether a contract had been created, or an invoice paid was becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, SONET launched an internal tender for a new CRM platform.

One of the main challenges was to create a share customer database so people don’t have to waste their time searching for relevant contacts.

Another must-have was an integration of the future CRM with Outlook. When working with a CRM system built directly into Outlook, users don’t have to switch between different tools. Emails from customers can easily be converted into new business deals by salespeople, and calendar appointments can be converted into meeting minutes. That’s why SONET eventually chose eWay-CRM.

Covid as an opportunity for precise implementation of eWay-CRM

The introduction of eWay-CRM in SONET could not have come at a better time. Back-office manager Roman Simik set himself a huge task to implement and customize eWay-CRM to fit the company’s needs.

He collected suggestions from managers and all key users and customized the layout of all screens to match the company workflow. This is why eWay-CRM fits SONET like a well-tailored suit.

The main goal for SONET was to share information effectively. Therefore, they paid great attention to automating projects and business opportunities. They now lead every salesperson and verify, that they fill in all mandatory fields and attach all important paperwork.

At the same time, everyone working on the project receives automatic email notifications whenever someone uploads a meeting minute or payment confirmation to the project. They can then always trace documents and important information back to the project instead of going through old mail. With this setup, no one ever really misses anything.


SONET grows faster thanks to eWay-CRM

SONET was affected by the restrictions on restaurants and shops during Covid. However, the end of the restrictions combined with the strong interest in unattended payment kiosks has made the business grow faster today than before. And thanks to eWay-CRM, the sales team has plenty of time to fully focus on new business opportunities.

Employees share all relevant information with each other and do not waste time forwarding communication. The introduction of eWay-CRM and the time invested in customization has paid off greatly for SONET as they reduced the number of human errors to a minimum.

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