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Moonlake Web Services

eWay-CRM Success Story.

Client’s Profile

Moonlake Web Services is a company specializing in creating e-shops, websites, and server solutions.




The company participates in active sales and it used to use multiple apps for keeping customer records. They were facing the problem that all information was not in one place. They were using Outlook tasks for delegating work, but they were missing workflow.

Another big problem was that the whole invoicing system linked to the orders was confusing. Up to 20% of orders had never been charged!



There had been attempts to solve the situation internally. However, the process asked for more administration. It didn’t really bring any change for the invoicing and, all in all, it wasn’t effective.

The new invoice tracking system done by eWay-CRM helped link the finished projects and those still in progress via the created invoices.

Each and every project in eWay-CRM now allows tracking all invoices related to it. In eWay-CRM, the company is now able to easily compare the planned project overheads with the real expenses all in one chart.

Moonlake also appreciates having all information in one place. Colleagues don’t need to ask each other for details, as they can find everything they need linked to a project. That is related to setting permissions in eWay-CRM. Everybody only sees what they need for their work.



100% of orders are now being charged.

The company uses eWay-CRM as a whole. They work with a bunch of modules: Deals, Projects, Companies, Contacts, Users, as well as vacation records. eWay-CRM helps Moonlake manage internal processes and workflow. Thanks to the permission settings, clients’ data are safe as well.  A lot of processes happen automatically now and checking individual work as well as order status is easier than ever before. That has brought Moonlake more work effectivity, time, and financial savings, as well as faster and more reliable service supplying.


”eWay-CRM is doing most of my work for Moonlake. I’ve been using the extra time for founding more companies.”

Martin Mrajca, Managing Director of Moonlake

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