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eWay-CRM Helps Connect POYNTING Branches Worldwide

When a company expands into international markets and establishes branches abroad, the challenge of setting up collaboration between teams working thousands of miles apart comes into play. If you are facing the same challenge, take inspiration from POYNTING, the world‘s leading innovator in antenna products.


POYNTING innovates, designs, and manufactures integrated antenna solutions primarily for wireless high-speed data applications within the telecommunication, broadcast, and consumer market. The company is headquartered in South Africa but also has branches in Europe and the USA, as well as manufacturing facilities in South Africa and China. Today, the POYNTING team consists of nearly 100 people worldwide.

It was necessary to streamline the management of sales, marketing, and projects, and simplify communication between teams around the world. So, in 2017, the company started looking for new CRM software.

Poynting sharing information

The ultimate business tool for Microsoft Outlook

Choosing a new CRM was a challenge for POYNTING, because they wanted to find a complex system that would cover sales, marketing, and project management—but at the same time, it needed to be user-friendly.

With Microsoft Outlook as their main system for communication and work management, the company wanted to integrate their CRM application completely with it so that employees would be familiar with the new CRM interface from day one and not have to switch between the two applications or retype data.

Company representatives did extensive online research, primarily guided by user reviews, and chose eWay-CRM as it is a complete CRM platform that is fully integrated with Outlook.



After installation, the POYNTING team discussed how to set up and customize their eWay-CRM system. This was done by making standard modifications to facilitate some aspects of their business that could be handled by an admin user without further programming.

See how eWay-CRM helps POYNTING in almost default settings:



eWay-CRM assists POYNTING throughout the entire process from customer outreach to successful project completion. The email marketing module allows them to send newsletters to their contacts and generate new business opportunities. No need to export and import contacts from anywhere.

When a campaign has been completed, they can report key performance indicators, track customer reactions and follow up with additional campaigns or they can turn the reaction into a business opportunity that sales reps will take care of.



All employees who use eWay-CRM have a shared database of contacts and companies in Outlook. It is the sharing of communication, documents, tasks, and everything else related to clients that makes sales management so easy.

Since POYNTING’s business is international, most of the communication is done by email. But there’s no need to ask colleagues to forward documents or communications with clients. eWay-CRM turns Outlook into a teamwork tool.

CRM modules


POYNTING GROUP has several branches. They use eWay-CRM across Europe, the United States, and South Africa for sales teams and marketing departments. Sales teams use the system every day, specifically for special offerings and communication tracking, for relationship management, and for aggregating all the information when it comes to bigger projects. And these big projects are often complex and require very demanding management of issues, people, products, and processes.

At a time when sales must be faster and better, having a CRM can help. It centralizes and automates information during the sales process. This makes it easier to search for information and improves collaboration between the sales and marketing teams. The projects in eWay-CRM help them optimize the process and manage the tasks and information of big projects. This way they reduce the administrative work and dedicate more time to closing deals.


Expansion and growth in various markets

Many companies aspire to grow sustainably worldwide. They have their physical facilities in the country of origin and subsequently create branches to satisfy the needs of the various markets. This is one way for a group of companies to grow and it is also how POYNTING has grown. After all, growing up is a sign of health! But there are several entry barriers such as unguided growth and lack of management in the sales area.

CRM tools

Having a CRM system capable of improving the organization of your sales team will help manage information and increase productivity. Sometimes it is challenging to choose a CRM because each group of companies has its own specifics, which can make choosing the right CRM time-consuming and costly.

With eWay-CRM this whole process was easier for POYNTING. The project management area and all the tools sit right inside Microsoft Outlook, so it is very easy to use and helps to organize all their back and forth emails, tasks, and meetings by projects.

In fact, organized growth and effective and well-planned management are essential for the sustainable success of a company.

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