Outlook CRM Background

Outlook for teams exists, and here it is.

Take the privacy of a personal account and add relevant professional sharing with colleagues. That is what makes eWay-CRM an Outlook for teams.

In the beginning was Outlook

At first, David and his team used Microsoft Outlook for electronic communication. They loved it and did not want to move somewhere else. The reason came from a previous bad experience. However, the team would love to move forward. They took some necessary steps. For example they gave various SaaS software a chance, but it wasn’t successful.

The tools themselves were not such a disaster. But their main weakness was the placement of communication with clients. It felt like they were separating inseparable things. The team felt it was wrong to waste valuable time with additional administration, and what´s worse, duplicating communication. Like an apple that belongs to a tree, ´Outlook type´ of information like emails, tasks, and calendar entries, belongs to Outlook.


Top Rated Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney

David Bell is a shareholder at Wyrsch Hobbs and Mirakian, P.C., a top-rated Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney. He helps good people with navigation in a bad situation. David´s team is regularly facing criminal charges in municipal, state, and federal courts.

People from his firm – the partners, associates, and personnel – are all dedicated to one common goal: Helping clients find solutions. To do so, they think creatively, work diligently and never stop. It is a wide-ranged job, which includes white-collar, violent offenses, drug offenses, and sexual offenses. He and his team have successfully defended clients in cases from mortgage fraud to first-degree murder.


Challenge accepted

To get all the types of clients into one CRM software seemed to be unrealistic. However, it was possible.

Security came first. David needed a secure, centralized database integrated in Microsoft Outlook (now Office 365 application).

His team members work together as a solid unit. They cooperate on daily basis and the company needed to allow any member of the team to record, view and organize all client-related activities. David called it ´Outlook for Teams´.

Customization was essential. As you can expect from the legal profession, the team needed specific custom fields.


Ask for the customization

One day David came and asked for a group task list to be created in Outlook. Any team member can maintain any task. They are taking responsibility for the work that needs to be done as it comes. It is interesting, isn´t it?

A shared calendar for desktop and mobile that allows the team to track meetings, deadlines and court appearances was needed as well. Each team member should be able to modify dates, times, and descriptions of any calendar entry. However, it is a standard request. It is mentioned here for you to get a full view.



When the “D” day came

There is a specification of work in eWay team. We are not a typical IT company. We listen, discuss, and provide options. A lot. So, we learned how the legal work is done to be sure that we understand the specific needs of a legal practice.

David didn´t need to change the world within CRM software. He asked for a solution to help him with more professional teamwork. Each feature was about making a relationship with a customer become more professional, friendly, and efficient. The team didn´t need to focus on a client´s acquisition and turning leads into orders. eWay-CRM helps to move the status from great work to perfect service.


Cooperation wins

From the very beginning David was hands-on during all phases of implementation and additional development. A team-based approach was implemented in every feature and every step in all processes. The task and calendar functions were modified to provide all team member access to view and change all needed parts.

In eWay we try to see things in client´s eyes. That´s why we suggest David´s team to get familiar with email tracking. Now all of them have immediate access to emails coming from any member of the team within the communication with the client. No copies are needed any more.

Furthermore, with eWay-CRM you can use the auto-tagging feature for emails connected to contacts already saved in the CRM software. Especially David liked it much. The team can focus on emails which need special attention or must be answered in a very short time.


Challenging moments

Not everything was in shine. A difficult moment came one day. The tasks and calendar entries needed to be updated immediately. As you know lawyers, they are often going to court, client meetings or other various authorities.

The eWay team knows what to do with a various range of topics. It was not different in this case either. It was creating a team mailbox in Microsoft Exchange Server linked to all team members. Through a category system they set up a delegate and started using the Get things done methodology of work.


Get a look into the future

That story happened in 2015. It seems like yesterday that the partnership with David Bell and his team began. And now here we are.

The eWay-CRM has become a must-have tool for a daily work. Each team member has immediate access to the updated data of each client. We can ask if the clients see the change. However more important is the team spirit, the effectivity of group work and the order, so typical for legal professionals.

The company-supplier relationship soon changed into a friendly business partnership. David regularly provides valuable feedback and advice for new features specific for legal companies.


Read what David Bell thinks about eWay-CRM:


´eWay-CRM is the missing link for small to medium size businesses that need to make Outlook work for them in a team environment.´

David Bell, Esq.

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