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David Bell, Esq.

Why is eWay-CRM the best CRM for attorneys.

eWay-CRM is the missing link for small to medium size businesses that need to make Outlook work for them in a team environment.

David Bell, Esq.

David Bell


David is a shareholder at Wyrsch Hobbs and Mirakian, P.C. where he works on a variety of complex criminal matters in federal, state and local courts.


David needed a secure, centralized database integrated with Microsoft Outlook that permitted any member of his team to record, view and organize all client-related communications and activities. As David described it to us, he needed “Outlook for Teams.”

David also needed to customize his team’s Outlook experience by creating industry-specific custom fields. Further, any member of his team had to be able to sort and filter all open matters by these custom fields in order to help estimate time requirements and plan for upcoming deadlines.

Because of their team approach, David requested a group task list within Microsoft Outlook so that any team member could take responsibility for any group task without having to first be assigned the task.

In order to keep track of meetings, deadlines and court appearances, David also requested shared calendar functionality via desktop or cell phone. Building upon Microsoft Outlook’s existing features, David requested each team member have the ability to modify dates, times and descriptions for all calendar entries.

Situation before the implementation of eWay-CRM

When David first approached us, David and his team were using Microsoft Outlook as a primary communication platform. They had previously attempted to use various SaaS solutions with no success. Team members were resistant to venture outside of Microsoft Outlook to manage what they considered to be “Outlook” type information, (e.g., emails, tasks, calendar entries, etc.).

Implementation of eWay-CRM

We began by listening to David’s specific needs for his law practice. David needed a solution to help with existing client relationships, rather than traditional CRM functionality which focuses on turning leads into sales.

From the very beginning, David was very hands-on with our implementation and development staff. In order to satisfy David’s desire for a team-based approach, we modified task and calendar functions to provide all team members with access to view and to modify information. In addition, we suggested that David and his team use the automatic e-mail tracking so that all team members could have immediate access to emails without having to be copied on the emails. Also, David especially liked the auto-tagging feature for e-mails already saved in eWay-CRM so that David and his team could focus on e-mails that needed attention.

A big issue was the team calendar and team TODO list. Since David and his team are often in the field, they needed access to tasks and calendar on the go. We created a team mailbox in Microsoft Exchange which we linked to all team member profiles. Through a system of categories, David and his team set up the responsible person and GTD methodology.

Since the implementation in 05/2015

eWay-CRM has become a must-have software for David and his team. Every team member now has immediate access to the most up to date information for each client. As a result, team members are better able to assist clients. David has become a close partner with our company. He continues to offer feedback to assist us in creating features specific to the legal industry.

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