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Brilon a.s. is a modern, fast growing company constantly providing the Czech and Slovak market with new technologies in the sphere of technical equipment for buildings – condensing boilers, heat pumps, drainage systems, solar collectors and so on.




The main goals were to create a shared database of companies and contacts, including a two-way synchronization with accounting software and a categorization of contacts and companies for marketing purposes.
As for planning and recording notes from meetings and phone calls, Brilon needed to be able to plan meetings in Microsoft Outlook and to synchronize with mobile devices, make meeting minutes and track important phone calls.
Another aim was to enable the possibility to attach e-mails from Microsoft Outlook to contacts and companies.
Proposals needed to be possible to make without an internet connection using a price list from ERP and to be exported to predefined Microsoft Word templates.
As for invoices and bills, Brilon needed to be able to see a list of invoices in eWay-CRM and to have debts automatically calculated.

Situation before the implementation of eWay-CRM

The company had been using a web-based CRM system since 1998. The users got used to it and were quite satisfied with the way it addressed their needs. However, the vendor was unable to further develop the system. Moreover, the inability to work offline became a big issue over the time.
Sales representatives used Microsoft Outlook with e-mails being synchronized with the CRM system. They used BlackBerry devices synchronized with Microsoft Outlook in order to be able to check meetings in their calendars outside the office. However, the Sales Director was not able to see their calendars.
The whole stock list, including price list, was stored in the ERP.

Implementation of eWay-CRM

Merging and migrating data from both last CRM system and the ERP to eWay-CRM was a hard nut to crack. The customer had to clean and prepare their data in advance. The data were exported to Excel files and then to eWay-CRM. The synchronization between eWay-CRM and the ERP brought companies up to date, matching their identification numbers and addresses.
The key phase was training all users. It was a crucial stage because users had been used to the previous solution. Repetitive trainings with increasing intervals proved to be the right approach. The clear vision of the management team as well as consistent control over using eWay-CRM with customized reports played a great role.
Synergic effect between eWay-CRM and Microsoft Exchange solved the issue of calendar sharing.
The synchronization bridge between eWay-CRM and the ERP took care of the data exchange between the two systems, the synchronization of invoices into eWay-CRM (where users can check them by customers) and the synchronization of price lists into eWay-CRM.
Proposals are now exported into predefined Microsoft Word templates.

3 years after the implementation

eWay-CRM is used on daily basis. Sales representatives have learned to plan meetings, register phone calls and save e-mails into eWay-CRM. Due to their previous experience with Microsoft Outlook, they got used to some activities quite fast.

The Sales Director has the complete overview of all sales reps‘ planned and reported activities.

The synchronization with the ERP triggers every 30 minutes and data (price lists and invoices) is always updated in eWay-CRM. Moreover, data can be accessed without an internet connection. Proposal template has been customized in that way that sales reps are able to prepare a quotation for a client within 5 min.


“We decided to install the eWay-CRM system in 2010. The installation was very tricky because we had to transfer data from our 17 years old CRM software. The original CRM system was messed up and we wanted to move just the important information. We began to use eWay-CRM because it can integrate with our accounting software and can fully utilize Microsoft Outlook. In eWay-CRM, we primarily track business quotations, plan our sales meetings and keep meeting minutes.”

Ing. Dana Nečásková, Sales Director

Dana Nečásková

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