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Assessment Systems International

eWay-CRM Success Story.

Customer Profile

Assessment Systems International provides personal assessment systems, consulting tools and materials that assist managers to make better people-related decisions in the areas of employee recruitment, placement, promotion and development.

Local offices are located in Astana, Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Moscow, Prague and Warsaw and their services are also available in Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and West Africa.

Assessment Systems International is the representative of HOGAN Assessment Systems and SCHUHFRIED company in Central and Eastern Europe.


Assessment Systems


To create a single workspace for all employees with a centralized client database, a shared communication history and project management in order to help people share information within the organization.

To implement the company best practices into the CRM software in order to unify processes across all business units in all countries, help people with some automatic tasks and avoid people errors.

To make a set of great management reports in order to find out the profitability of business units located in individual countries and the profitability of products and services.

Situation before the implementation of eWay-CRM

Everybody was using Microsoft Outlook as a basic tool for communication with clients. Various Excel sheets were used to keep data organized. People often struggled with what version of the Excel sheet is the most up-to-date and accidents with rewriting colleague’s data. Lack of information sharing often resulted in contacting the same client by different sales reps with different products without being able to coordinate the steps. Profitability of products, business units and project managers could be found out only with huge energy of financial department.


The software has been implemented into offices in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia and Russia. Data from Excel sheets were imported to eWay-CRM. Along with the data from accounting software, we completely migrated the communication and financial history of each client into eWay-CRM. Since eWay-CRM is closely integrated with Microsoft Outlook, people started to work with the software very fast. A set of training sessions helped them answer the basic questions. Unique and shared company database is used on a daily basis so people can find out the status of each customer, business opportunity and project. They are used to enter telephone calls, e-mails, documents and plan tasks.

Permission policy keeps data well secured and accessible for the proper user groups. Company processes have been implemented to eWay-CRM as well. The software now guides people in the daily routine and workflow steps automatically generate reminders and check for mandatory fields. Therefore the management has consistent data.
All important reports were created as well so in real-time management knows the financial health of each business unit, which products and services bring the most money and which people are the most beneficial for the company.

2 years after the implementation

eWay-CRM has been using in Assessment Systems International for 2 years. Since that time people learned how to use it efficiently and the software has been extended of couple of more ideas. All goals were successfully met and Assessment Systems International already installed eWay-CRM to new offices in Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and West Africa.

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