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View Company Address on the Map

Are you going to a client meeting? View the location of their company on a map in one click.

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Did you know?
This feature also works in the modules Contacts and Deals.
  1. In the list of companies, click on any address field (Street, City, Country).
  2. address in the list


  3. You will see the address of the company pinpointed on Google Maps.
  4. View Company on the Map


  5. You can also view the address of the company on the map from the Board view.
  6. Address in the board


  7. Or from the Preview panel in eWay-CRM Online (and also from the Preview panel in the eWay-CRM add-in for Microsoft 365).
  8. Address in te preview

On Google Maps, you can directly set a route to the client.

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