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Upgrade eWay-CRM to New Version

Learn how to upgrade eWay-CRM to stay with the latest news.

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Since eWay-CRM consists of server and client component it is required that both are upgraded, but this process is very simple.

Step 1: Upgrade the Server/Cloud

  1. Go to the Updates section in Administration Center. You need to have eWay-CRM account with administrator permissions to do so.

  3. There will be a new update waiting for you. You can read the list of new features. If you like them, just click Install.
  4. Update eWay-CRM Web Service


  5. The Server component update will begin. eWay-CRM will automatically back up the data. The update process may take couple of minutes, depending on how big is the server database. In the end, you will receive a “Success Message.”/li>

Step 2: Update the eWay-CRM Outlook Add-in

The eWay-CRM Outlook Add-In has to be updated on all PCs.

  1. Right click on eWay-CRM icon in your system tray area and choose Update to the Latest Version.
  2. Update eWay-CRM Client


  3. All Microsoft Office programs need to be closed so that eWay-CRM can be updated properly.

  5. In the end, after successful update, Microsoft Outlook will be opened.

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