Tag/Categorize Emails Saved in eWay-CRM

To Quickly Recognize Emails Already Saved in eWay-CRM.

Microsoft Outlook does not support categories for IMAP accounts.

eWay-CRM can automatically assign an Outlook category to all emails saved in eWay-CRM. A color tag will help you easily distinguish them in your mailbox.

Categorized Emails

  1. First, we need to create a category in eWay-CRM. Open Administration Settings > Groups and click New in the top left corner. Fill in the Group Name and check Used for Categorization in Outlook. To find out more about creating categories, have a look here.
  2. Used for Categorization in Outlook


  3. Wait for 30 sec for automatic synchronization or synchronize changes manually. To do that, right-click on the eWay-CRM agent in the system tray and select Synchronize.
  4. Synchronization


  5. Click on eWay-CRM Settings in the main ribbon.
  6. eWay-CRM Settings

  7. Under the tab Emails, check Automatically Categorize Saved Emails and select the category.
  8. Select Category for Automatic Categorization of Emails


  9. Now, we also need to create the category eWay-CRM in your Outlook. Right click on any email and press Categorize and All Categories.
  10. All Categories


  11. Press New and create the category eWay-CRM here as well. Choose the color you like.
  12. Add New Category in Outlook

Now, all new emails saved to eWay-CRM will automatically get the category – a color tag.

Categorized Emails

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