Outlook CRM Background
  1. Splitting a task into subtask can ease its completing. To crate a new subtask, just open a main task, click Add New and select Task.
  2. Create a subtask


  3. Fill in all you need to set the subtask. Pick a due d ate and the solver, you can add a note. Then, save the subtask.
  4. Save a subtask


  5. On the main task, you can see all subtasks in the Subtasks tab. There are tasks tat are not finished yet. If you want to change a subtask, just double-click it.
  6. Review of subtasks


  7. for example, you need to delegate the task on another user or move the due date. Do it and save it. You have always up-to-date overview about finishing the main task and you can work with it more efficiently.
  8. Change a subtask