Outlook CRM Background

Tutorial for

  1. eWay-CRM Desktop
  2. eWay-CRM Online

eWay-CRM Desktop

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook with eWay-CRM.

  3. Click eWay-CRM Settings in the eWay-CRM ribbon.
  4. eWay-CRM Settings


  5. Go to Connection tab. There you can find the web service address.
  6. Connection Tab

eWay-CRM Online

  1. Go to https://login.eway-crm.com/.

  3. Fill in email address of your eWay-CRM account and log into it.
  4. Web log in


  5. You get to the welcome page of eWay-CRM Online. The web service address is the URL address of this website, just delete Web at the end, for example htps://free.eway-crm.com/12345/.
  6. URL address

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