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Link Emails to Contacts Manually

Save Emails from Your Contacts into eWay-CRM.


For those who prefer written guide

Right-click on an email in your Inbox and choose Save to eWay-CRM.

Save Email to eWay-CRM

You will see a window as shown below.

Email Import Confirmation Dialog

Click Yes to open the email in eWay-CRM. In the dialog, you can make sure that eWay-CRM has found the contact and you can see it in the Contacts tab in the bottom part of the window.

Contacts Tab on Email

If eWay-CRM couldn’t find the contact automatically, you can add it using a button Link to Existing Contact on the top ribbon.

Link Existing Contact to Email

Alternatively, you can drag and drop emails from your Inbox right to the Emails tab. This option especially makes sense if you want to save several emails at once.

Drag and Drop Email to Contact