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Reset Password

Applies to
eWay-CRM Desktop, eWay-CRM Online and eWay-CRM Mobile (iOS and Android).
This guide is not meant for users who are signing in using Microsoft 365 account. If you are using Microsoft 365 account, you need to generate a new password right on Microsoft web.




  1. Reset Your Password
  2. Reset Somebody Else’s Password


Reset Your Password

If you forgot the password to your eWay-CRM account, it is easy to generate a new one. The steps are the same to login to eWay-CRM in Outlook, the web, or your smartphone:

  1. In the login dialog, click Forgot Your Password?
  2. Forgot Your Password


  3. In the new dialog, name the user whose password you want to change. Type in his or her name correctly because an email with a verification code will be sent to their email address. Then, click Reset Password.
  4. Select User


  5. A verification code is sent to your email address that will be typed in here.
  6. Verify the Account


  7. Go to your email client and copy the 6-figure verification code (it will be different than in the picture) to the dialog. Then, click Verify.
  8. Set Verification Code


  9. If the code was inserted correctly, you will create a new password and verify it. Now, just click Change Password.
  10. Change Password


  11. You can login to your account using your new password.

Reset Somebody Else’s Password

  1. Go to the Users section in Administration Center. You need to have eWay-CRM account with administrator permissions to do so.

  3. Click Add a User or select existing user and click Reset Password.
  4. Reset Password


  5. In both cases, (new or existing user), you need to mark Force the user to change their password at first login if you want to force the user to reset his or her password.
  6. Force Password Change


  7. Confirm your choice by clicking OK.

  9. If the check box is marked, this dialog will pop up to each user that is required to change his or her password.
  10. Change Password


  11. User simply creates a new password in the new with the New Password field.

  13. User will confirm his or her new password by clicking Change Password.

  15. The new password will be set.

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