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How to Purchase eWay-CRM Premium

Ready to go? Here is how.

This instruction explains how to start with the monthly subscription and upgrade your Free version to Premium.

  1. Click the Purchase button in the eWay-CRM ribbon

    eWay-CRM Purchase Icon

  2. Click Purchase again.

    Purchase eWay-CRM

  3. Specify company details on the Step 1 and click Next.

    Purchase Form

  4. Specify the number of users on the Step 2 and click Next.

    Select Number of Licences

  5. Read and accept the order. Click Next.

    Accept Terms

  6. Specify your PayPal login credentials or use your credit card (but for American Express). Click Finish order and pay.

Finish Order and Pay

That’s it. Your data will stay intact and you won’t need to start from scratch. We will send you an invoice within 1-2 days after the purchase.

Do you have questions? Our consultants have answers.

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