Outlook CRM Background

The article shows functions on Outlook.com on PC, but it is similar on eWay-CRM Online in desktop Outlook, new Outlook, Outlook on Mac or on your mobile phone.

  1. Select an email and if you don’t see the preview panel of eWay-CRM, click on its icon in the email body.
  2. eWay-CRM icon


  3. Select Preview Panel in the list.
  4. Preview panel


  5. Pin the preview panel to see it always you click an email. You can se basic information about contact in the panel.
  6. Pin the panel


  7. If you want to see all information you have saved for the contact, click All Fields.
  8. All Fields


  9. You can see address or the owner of the item.
  10. Other values


  11. Under the fields, you can see next steps and recent history related to the contact. There are emails, task, journals etc. If you click > in the text, you will see the whole text of an email, task, etc.
  12. Whole text


  13. If you want to save the email into eWay-CRM, just click Save Email.
  14. Save Email


  15. In the new dialog, you can add other relation to the email. to make it easy, eWay-CRM suggest you some. For better organizing of items, you can add a category to your email. If you are done, click Save.
  16. Save Email dialog


  17. You always see whether your email is already saved in eWay-CRM or not.
  18. Saved email


  19. You can convert email to task on two clicks. Just click the icon in the top part of the panel and select Convert to task. Or deal, contact, etc., as you need.
  20. Convert to task


  21. As you can see, eWay-CRM prefill a lot of data from the email, but you can always change them, as you need – e.g. change subject and delegate task to correct person.
  22. New task


  23. Or do you want to talk about the item with your colleague? Just click the Teams icon.
  24. Teams


  25. Select colleague you want to talk to and click Chat.
  26. Chat


  27. Teams dialog will open and the link to the contact is prefilled.
  28. Teams dialog


  29. If you need to open company of a contact, just click it in the preview panel.
  30. Open company


  31. You see all values related to the company, you can browse its emails, deals, etc.
  32. Company detail with emails


  33. Do you need to go to some list of items? For example tasks? Just click the eWay-CRM icon in the email body and select your module, e.g. Tasks.
  34. Open module


  35. You see all tasks and you can work with tem – change their state, end time and more.
  36. Tasks list