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Save Emails to Companies Automatically with Outlook (local)

Attach incoming and outgoing emails to companies automatically.

Applies to

This feature is available in module Contacts & Companies (Professional).



For those who prefer written guide

  1. You can specify conditions for saving emails to companies automatically in eWay-CRM Settings > Emails.
  2. eWay-CRM Settings

    Track Emails by Companies


  3. Now activate the options Automatically Track Emails From Companies and Track Emails From Companies and click OK.
  4. Set Email Tracking for Companies


  5. Now, when you click Send in your Outlook, eWay-CRM will look for the company in the database. If there is such a company, eWay-CRM will link the email to it. All emails can be found under the Emails tab on the company card.
  6. Emails Tab on Company


  7. When you send emails, you can also link them to a Superior Item, i.e. a deal or a project where this company is specified as a customer.
  8. Save Outgoing Email


  9. You can click on Open Superior Item to open the deal/project in a separate window, you can click on Select Superior Item to search a deal/project, or you can click on Remove Superior Item to clear the field.

  11. Click OK to save the email to eWay-CRM or click Cancel if you don’t want to save it.
If you save an email to a contact that contains a company, the email will be automatically filled in with the company too.