Outlook CRM Background

You need to sign up to get access to eWay-CRM Desktop. The tutorial for signing up is in this article: Sign Up.

  1. When the sign up is complete, click Get it from Microsoft or open Microsoft Store and search eWay-CRM.
  2. Tip
    If you prefer installing eWay-CRM from an installation file, download it from here. Open the installer and install eWay-CRM.

    Get it from Microsoft


  3. Click Install.
  4. Install


  5. You will be informed about the installation progress.

  7. As soon as the installation is completed, you will be notified that eWay-CRM is Installed. Now, just open Microsoft Outlook.

  9. In Outlook, you will be prompted to log into your eWay-CRM account.
  10. Login


  11. After installation and logging in, the eWay-CRM tab will appear in your Outlook ribbon.
  12. eWay-CRM Ribbon

Learn how to get started here.