Outlook CRM Background


For those who prefer written guide

  1. Click the Download button on our website. An installation file will be downloaded on your computer. Run it.
  2. Installation File


  3. When the installation of files is complete, launch Microsoft Outlook. Click Create Account in the splash screen.
  4. Create Account


  5. Select the type of the edition–Free or Premium.
  6. Select Version


  7. Fill in the data in the registration form.
  8. Insert Credentials


  9. Choose if you want to create a sample data or keep the database blank.
  10. Select Database Type


  11. Choose what modules you want to have in your eWay-CRM Outlook. You can always reactivate modules by following this article.
  12. Select Modules


  13. On the next step, you can specify:
    • your company’s address for proposals
    • whether you want to synchronize contacts between eWay-CRM and Outlook (available if you selected a blank database on the step 5)
    • whether you want to create companies automatically while importing/synchronizing contacts
    • whether you want to save emails from/to contacts automatically,
    • whether you want to notify other users linked with a contact/company/deal or project about a new email, document or journal.


  14. Click Start in the Success window.
  15. Account Succcessfully Created

eWay-CRM tab will appear in your Outlook ribbon.

eWay-CRM Ribbon

Learn how to get started here.