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Upgrade From eWay-CRM Basic

eWay-CRM Basic is no longer supported. Upgrade to eWay-CRM Free.

How do I transfer my data?

eWay-CRM Free contains a very simple guide which walks you through the transfer. After the installation and first run of Microsoft Outlook, you will get a Welcome Screen (it can take 10 seconds). There, you can choose to Import data from your eWay-CRM Basic.

Before the import, it’s better to make sure your eWay-CRM Basic database doesn’t contain more than 200 MB of data. You can find out by following these steps:

  1. Click on Start, Run (or a shortcut Win+R).
  2. Type down %appdata% and press ENTER.
  3. Open a folder MEMOS.
  4. Right click on a directory eWay, choose Properties. Right in the first tab, you will see the size of the folder.

If you are not sure, please call us at +1 (650)-388-9634. We are happy to help for free.


Can I backup my eWay-CRM Basic database before the procedure?

Yes, we have prepared an article for you.


So, how to proceed?

  1. You can download eWay-CRM Free from this link.
  2. Through Microsoft Windows Add or Remove Program uninstall your eWay-CRM Basic first. Don’t worry, the data stays on your PC after the uninstallation of eWay-CRM Basic (don’t delete it manually).
  3. Install the eWay-CRM Free.
  4. After the first run of Microsoft Outlook (can take couple of seconds, you need to be online) a Welcome Screen wizard opens up to help you with the import.
  5. As soon as it’s done, eWay-CRM Free needs to upload the data into the Cloud. You can check the status on the eWay Agent icon (available in the tray area, just hover the mouse over it to see the current progress).
  6. During the upload, you can have a look at the changelog.

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