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The Missing currency exchange rates email was sent to you because there are some data inconsistencies in your eWay-CRM. Since eWay-CRM can operate with multiple currencies, it needs to know the exchange rates. The table below displays items with missing currency exchange rates:

Missing Currency Exchange Rate Notification

The column Rate identifies the missing exchange rate and date when it is missing.
The column Item specifies the item with missing exchange rate. Other columns are information about the owner of the item, the user who created it and the date when it was created.

How to Fix It

Option 1 – Fill in the Missing Exchange Rates

eWay-CRM can automatically download exchange rates from European Central Bank (ECB) only. See How to Set Up Currencies. ECB does not provide the full worldwide exchange rates, but you can fill them in manually:

  1. Click Exchange Rates icon in the eWay-CRM ribbon.
    Exchange Rates Module
  2. Be sure that you do not have turned on any filter on the exchange rates list. Just unmarked it or click the X sign to erase the filter.
    Exchange Rates Filter
  3. Select currencies for missing exchange rate (Input Currency and Output Currency columns).
    Select Currency
  4. Set the rate. You can also set dates when the rate will be applied.
    Set Exchange Rate

Option 2 – Remove Yourself From the Mailing List

If you are not the one responsible for exchange rates in your organization, remove yourself from being notified. This is how you can do it:

  1. Click on Administration Settings on the eWay-CRM ribbon.
    Administration Settings
  2. Go to the Global Settings section. Here, select Category: Main and double-click Name of Group Responsible for Exchange Rates Administration.
    Exchange Rate Global Setting
  3. Delete the group from the setting and confirm the change by clicking OK.
    Exchange Rate Global Setting

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