Outlook CRM Background

you have three options how to filter items:

For quick search, for example when you know the name of the project, you can just click into search field in the top part of the list.

Global Search

In the list, you will see only those items that contains searched string in some column.

Column Filter


Turn on/off Column Filter

Click three dots icon in the top right corner of the list. Now, select Hide Column Filter, if you want to turn off column filter.

Hide Column Filter

Or Show Column Filter, if you want to turn it on.

Show Column Filter


Filter Options

To row under the column header, you can type string that will be searched only in this column. Only items that fulfill this condition will be displayed.

Filter by Column

The button left to the search field allows you to change the operator of the condition.

Change Operators

Filter Editor

For more complex filtering, you can use filter editor, that can be opened by clicking funnel icon in the top right corner of the list. Then click Edit Filters.

Edit Filters

In the filter editor, you can set any filter you need, even with more than one condition. For example: User wants to see only active projects where the projects manager is named Smith.

  1. Add new condition by clicking + sign.
  2. Add Condition

  3. Select Status. (Note: In the filter editor, you can filter only by columns that are currently displayed in the list.)
  4. Status Field

  5. Select Is none of as operator.
  6. Change Operator

  7. Insert Completed and Lost values (second value can by add by clicking + next to first value).
  8. Set Values

  9. Click Apply. In the background, you can see that filter is used.
  10. Apply Filter

  11. Click + to add second condition.
  12. Add Second Condition

  13. Set condition for the Project Manager field where you select for those items that contains name Smith.
  14. Set Second Condition

  15. Click OK, only items that fulfills both conditions will be displayed in the list.
  16. Applied Filter

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