Outlook CRM Background
  1. Go to Deals.
  2. Deals Module


  3. Select a deal you wish to edit.
  4. Deals List


  5. Click the Edit button.
  6. Edit Deal


  7. Edit values you wish to change.

  9. If there are some fields missing, (and you are sure that you have the required user permissions), it can be located under the Add Field button in its section.
  10. Add Field


  11. The Status field can also be changed.  This specifies which phase of  the workflow the deal is currently in.
  12. Deal Status


  13. Click the Status field.  You will see all available statuses that the deal can be moved to.
  14. Select Status


  15. If you move the Deal status and you want and make some other changes, please click Save. Until the synchronization is complete, you cannot change the same Deal, (but it is only a matter of seconds if you are online).
  16. Save Deal


  17. If actions were related to the status change, (e.g. Creation of a Journal or Task, Sent Emails and so on), they will proceed as in Outlook.

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