Outlook CRM Background

Grouping in eWay-CRM Web gives you better review of your items. There are different ways how to group:

  1. Click the grouping icon in the top right part of the list.
  2. Group Icon


  3. Select the column(s) that should be used for grouping. Just mark the column name and grouping is immediately proceeded.
  4. Group Dialog


  5. when you close the dialog, you see the list grouped by selected criteria. You also see summarization for all groups and whole columns that support summarization.
  6. Grouping and Summarization


  7. When you expand the group, you see all items that are parts of this group.
  8. Expanded Group


  9. You can ungroup the list same way as you grouped it or you can just right-click the name of the grouping column and select UnGroup.
  10. Ungroup


  11. The next way how to group items in the list is to show Group By box. You can right-click the column name again or click three dots icon in the top right part of th list where you select Show Group By Box.
  12. Display Group Panel


  13. The new bar is displayed above the list and you can easily drop the column(s) by their name and drop it here.
  14. Drag and Drop Columnc


  15. Columns that are used for grouping are displayed in the Group By box so you have great review by what you are grouping by.
  16. Groups With Panel

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