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Applies to
eWay-CRM Desktop, eWay-CRM Online and eWay-CRM Mobile (iOS and Android).

Tutorial for

  1. eWay-CRM Desktop
  2. eWay-CRM Online
  3. eWay-CRM Mobile

eWay-CRM Desktop

  1. First Look
  2. Integration With Outlook Emails
  3. Integration With Outlook Calendar
  4. Integration With Outlook Contacts
  5. Integration With Microsoft Word / Excel
  6. Modules
  7. List of Items
  8. Item Detail
  9. Data Entry

First Look

Once you have installed eWay-CRM, start Microsoft Outlook to get a new tab eWay-CRM on the Microsoft Outlook ribbon.

eWay-CRM Ribbon

There is also a new icon in your system tray area. It’s called eWay Agent and it shows you the status of the synchronization.

eWay Agent

eWay Agent SynchronizedAll items are synchronized. The displayed data are up-to-date.
eWay Agent SynchronizingThe synchronization of items with the server is running or eWay-CRM is just now connecting to the server.
eWay Agent ErrorThe connection to the server is not available at this time – as soon as the connection is restored, synchronization will run automatically.
eWay Agent OfflineeWay-CRM is offline at the moment – you can cancel this setting by right-clicking the eWay Agent icon and canceling the Work Offline option. This mode allows you to work with your data even without a connection to the internet or the server.
eWay-CRM UpdateYou have new eWay-CRM Desktop update available and you can install it.
eWay-CRM LogineWay-CRM Desktop is logging in to its account.
eWay-CRM Desktop License EndseWay-CRM invoice is 3 days past due. The application is in the 10-day period when you can still use all its functions.
eWay-CRM Desktop LauncheWay-CRM Desktop is launching.


Integration With Outlook Emails

Right-click on an incoming email. You will find four new options: Save to eWay-CRM, Save Attachments to eWay-CRM, GDPR Relevant, Convert to Task, Convert to Deal, Convert to Project, Convert to Contact and Convert to Journal.

eWay-CRM Context Menu of Email

Open an email, you will find new buttons for these options there as well.

eWay-CRM Ribbon Menu of Email

Notice that at the bottom part of your emails, a small toolbar— Superior Item — will appear. It will allow you to link emails to deals or projects.

Superior Item


Integration With Outlook Calendar

You can convert a calendar event to time sheets or a journal and tie it with a contact, company, deal, or project.

Context Menu of Calendar


Integration With Outlook Contacts

In your Outlook contacts you will find three new buttons: Save to eWay-CRM, Synchronize With eWay-CRM, and Open in eWay-CRM.

eWay-CRM Ribbon of Contact

Integration With Microsoft Word / Excel

eWay-CRM integrates with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Pay attention to a new button: Save to eWay-CRM in an open file.

Save Word Document to eWay-CRM


eWay-CRM has various modules to meet a wide range of requirements, but we recommend that you pay attention to the most popular modules first:

  • Companies and Contacts are usually used to track existing clients and vendors.
  • Deals are great for tracking business opportunities. They contain workflow that helps you move them through the sales pipeline. Deals can be converted into Projects, Companies and Contacts.
  • Projects allow tracking jobs and deliveries. If somebody closes a deal, projects are the best place to manage all steps required to successfully finish the job.
  • Marketing helps all who need to send email campaigns and analyze responses.

eWay-CRM Main Modules


List of Items

When you click on a module, you will see the list of items (provided that you have uploaded sample data or created your own items).

eWay-CRM List

It has the look and flexibility of a spreadsheet. You can add and remove columns, filter and group data or create advanced filters. Once you created a custom layout, you can save it for future use. Learn more here.

eWay-CRM also allows you to use conditional formatting similar to Microsoft Excel. Colors, icons, data bars, and color scales will make your data even more well-arranged.


Item Detail

Each item detail has sections for basic, contact, and additional information as well as a special tab where you can see all changes tat where done to the item. Let’s have a look at the deal detail.

eWay-CRM Dialog

1Add New/Link to Existing buttons at the top of each item detail allow you to make relations with new records/items (emails, tasks, notes, etc.) or already saved in eWay-CRM before.
2All activities related to these specific items will be displayed under the special panel with tabs.
3You can create an unlimited number of custom fields. Some of them will be displayed right here. If there are many custom fields, they can be found on the special “Custom Fields” layout. Learn more about custom fields here.
4Basic Information such as names and contacts.
5Contact Information
6Other Information
7Notes fields can be used for general or important information you always want to keep an eye on.


Data Entry

There are different ways for you to put data into eWay-CRM. You can:

eWay-CRM uploads items into the server (which sits either in our Cloud or on your servers). If you get a new PC and sign in, the server database will be automatically synchronized your data onto your new device.

eWay-CRM Online

  1. First Look
  2. Preview Panel
  3. List of Items
  4. Item Detail

First Look

If you installed eWay-CRM Online, you can find it under the eWay-CRM icon on any e-mail.

If you click the icon, you have several options. You can create a new item, go to lists of items of different modules, or show a preview panel.

New items


Preview Panel

To view the Preview Panel where you can see information about a contact that is related to email, you need to click the eWay-CRM icon in the email and select Preview Panel.

Preview Panel

Now, you see details in the right panel. You can pin up the add-in panel, so you can always see eWay-CRM information about the email sender.


You can save the selected email to Way-CRM, so it will always be related to a contact, company, or deal.

Save email

You can convert the email to a new contact, deal, or project, make a task to not forget anything or just a journal.

Convert email

You can add a note that will be saved as a journal and will be automatically related to the contact.

Save note

In the HUB, you can see all important items that are related to the contact. If you want to open an item, just double-click it.



List of Items

Click the eWay-CRM in the email body and select Go to. When you choose a module, the web page with the list of items will open.

Go to module

You will see this working environment:

eWay-CRM Web

In the left part of the top ribbon, you can search in the current list (see How to Filter Items). In the right part, there are all modules you have access to.

eWay-CRM Web Menu

In the right top corner, there is a button for your account:

My Account

  • What’s new? – new features of the latest update
  • Sign Out – log out from your eWay-CRM Web account
  • Open Account – open detail with information about your user
  • My Settings – you can change eWay-CRM Web settings (e.g. language settings)
  • Admin Center – if you are an administrator, you can go to Administration Center
  • Suggest a Feature – you will be redirected to the web where you can suggest a function you would like to see in eWay-CRM
  • Download icons – get the eWay-CRM for your platform

The basic element of the page is the list of items. There you can see all items you have permission to see for the selected module. You can filter items and work with the list.

eWay-CRM Web List

The top part gives you the option to create new items:

Create New Item


Item Detail

You can open the item in the preview panel when you click the pencil icon next to the name:

Upravit položku v eWay-CRM pro Microsoft 365

You see the item detail where you can make changes and save them, or you can see all relations to this item.

Item detail


eWay-CRM Mobile

  1. First Look
  2. List of Items
  3. Item Detail
  4. Quick Actions

First Look

Tip for initial synchronization
We recommend that you switch to a Wi-Fi connection if possible for the initial synchronization while eWay-CRM is uploading data on your mobile phone.
HTTP Support
Your administrator should be sure your eWay-CRM is on HTTPS address – server that supports SSL certificates. It is possible that smartphones will not support HTTP addresses in the future.

When you open eWay-CRM Mobile for the first time, you will be asked to log in. Please login with your eWay-CRM account, or you can sign up.


The initial synchronization can be finished only when the eWay-CRM Mobile is active on your screen, so stay in the main menu of the application until the synchronization is finished. You can see the progress in Settings > Synchronization. Until the synchronization is finished, you cannot use all functions of Way-CRM Mobile.

After successful login and the initial synchronization, you will see the main screen of eWay-CRM Mobile with modules that are available in the application. Just tap one of them to see the list of its items.

Main Screen


List of Items

The list of items shows all items of the module the user has permission to see. You can search, filter, order or group items by your own criteria. If you want to open any item, tap on it.

List of Items


Item Detail

The item detail contains all information about the item that is saved in eWay-CRM. For example, if you open a contact, you will see not only filled fields but also all relations to this contact – companies, projects, tasks, etc. If you want to create a new relation, tap the plus button.

Item Detail

You can select what item you want to add to the opened item. You can easily add a new journal, photo, task, etc.

Add Item

If you are creating an item or editing one, always save it. Tap the Save button.

Save Item


Quick Actions

You can create an item without opening the application. Just tap and hold the eWay-CRM Mobile icon and you will see the menu where you can create some items.

hold the Icon

Choose from the following modules


Contacts & Companies

Core module everybody starts with. Allows you to work with contacts, and companies, track communications and plan follow-ups.



Ads the ability to track deals, create quotes and invoices, and manage pricing and inventories.



Great if you need to coordinate the delivery once you sign a contract. Manage resources, track timesheets, and keep an eye on the budget.


Email Marketing

Extends your eWay-CRM of a professional email marketing tool. No limitations on the number of contacts. Charged by emails sent.

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