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First Steps With eWay-CRM Mobile

Install eWay-CRM on your mobile device and log in to your Premium account.

eWay-CRM Mobile comes with the following functionality:

  • Online and offline access to contacts, companies, leads and projects.
  • Searching of items:
    • Companies – by names, cities and ID numbers,
    • Contacts – by first and last names, company names and cities,
    • Leads and projects – by names, first and last names of related contacts, names of related companies and ID numbers.
  • Filtering of items:
    • Contacts and companies – by “All” and “My”
    • Leads and projects – by “All,” “All active” and “My active”.
  • Review the basic, contact and other information on item cards, including custom fields.
  • Calling on phone numbers, sending text messages and emails right from item cards.
  • Finding companies and contact locations via navigation applications.
  • Reading journals, emails, documents, tasks and calendar events.
  • Creating journals and reminders and attaching documents and photos.
  • Downloading and sharing documents.
  • Utilizing user permissions and mandatory/optional fields.

eWay-CRM Mobile is compatible with eWay-CRM Premium only. It is not supported in eWay-CRM Free. To upgrade your eWay-CRM Free to eWay-CRM Premium, please follow this instruction.


  1. Go to the Google Play Store (for Android) or to the App Store (for iOS).
  2. AppStore and Play Store


  3. Search for “eway-crm”.
  4. Search eWay-CRM Mobile


  5. Install eWay-CRM Mobile.
  6. Install eWay-CRM Mobile


  7. Now, the application is installed on your phone.
  8. eWay-CRM Mobile Icon

Initial synchronization

We recommend that you switch to Wi-Fi connection if possible for the initial synchronization while eWay-CRM is uploading data on your mobile phone.

Before login: Make sure your web service is on HTTPS address – server that supports SSL certificates. It is possible that smart phones will not support HTTP addresses in the future.

  1. Open the application and specify your credentials for eWay-CRM Premium (a trial or a paid version). Insert web service address with https:// at the beginning. Click LOG IN.
  2. Important: When Use Cellular Data is on, eWay-CRM Mobile will use your cellular connection for synchronization with the server when WiFi isn’t available. As a result, you might be charged for using cellular data. Contact your carrier for more information.

    Initial Window


  3. You will see the main screen of eWay-CRM Mobile and a notification about the status of synchronization at the bottom of the screen. You can watch the status of your initial synchronization in the Notification Center of your mobile phone. This may be useful especially in case you have a large database.
  4. Initial Synchronization


  5. After the full synchronization is completed the message will disappear. Now, you can start using the eWay-CRM Mobile App.

Note. To synchronize data manually, swipe down from the top. You will see a progress icon during the synchronization.

Progress Graphic