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  1. How to Rename or Hide Statuses
  2. How to Add a Status

Workflow represents a set of steps everybody needs to follow to close a sales opportunity or finish a project. It corresponds to a company’s standard internal processes and allows users to automate them to ensure that everyone follows the same steps. Workflow can automatically generate tasks, send email notifications, check for mandatory fields, or make sure all proper documents are attached. In eWay-CRM, you can set up your own workflows in Deals, Projects, Documents, Marketing Campaigns, Bookkeeping Records, Time Sheets, Leaves, and Bonuses.

The workflow panel is displayed at the top of a dialog box.

Workflow Statuses

The different colors give a different meaning to individual statuses:

Current StatusBlue background: the current status of the item.
Available StatusGreen background: available statuses you can click on.
Locked StatusGrey background: not active.
Selected StatusWhite background: the new status you clicked on before saving.


How to Rename or Hide Statuses

  1. eWay-CRM comes with some predefined workflows, but you may want to adjust workflow to your own needs. To do that, press SHIFT and click Administration Center in the eWay-CRM ribbon.
  2. Administration Center

  3. Click Workflow Diagrams > Deal – Opportunity.
  4. Deal Opportunity Workflow diagram


  5. Click Modify List of Statuses in the top left corner of the window.
  6. Modify List of Statuses


  7. In the new window change a name (names) of a status (statuses) in the column “en” (which stands for English) and click Finish.
  8. Statuses Names


  9. Or, if you need fewer statuses and want to hide an unnecessary status (statuses), you can define which statuses are visible in the column Visible.
  10. Visible Statuses

How to Add a Status

  1. Go to the Modify List of Statuses window as described above, and type the name of a new status in the FileAs  Then press TAB or the down arrow button on your keyboard.
  2. New Status


  3. You can move the status up and down using buttons on the left side of the item window. Click Finish.
  4. Edit Statuses


  5. Now, you need to link the new status with other statuses in the workflow. Click the Create New Flow button in the top left corner.
  6. Create New Flow


  7. A new window will appear with two fields: a parent status (a status you are moving from) and a child status (status you are moving to). You will find the new status in the second field as a child status.
  8. New Flow


  9. You need to link the new status with each parent status from the 1st field. To do that, click Next and Next on the next step.
    Select the group of users that will be able to change statuses or click Check All to enable it for all users. Then, click Next, Next on the next step, and Finish.
  10. Groups to Be Able to Change Statuses


  11. Now, click the Create New Flow button again, select the next parent status in the list and go through the wizard again. Do the same for each parent status.
    The new status will also act as a parent status for other statuses. Link it with each child status you see in the drop-down menu.
  12. Select Status for Flow


  13. Wait for 30 seconds for automatic synchronization or synchronize changes manually. To do that, right-click on the eWay-CRM agent in the system tray and select Synchronize.
  14. Synchronization


  15. Now, if you open a deal, you will see the new status in the workflow.
  16. Workflow With New Status

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Email Marketing

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