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Add a New Task to a Contact

Set up reminders for youself or your teammates to stay in touch with your customers.

Applies to
eWay-CRM Desktop, eWay-CRM Online and eWay-CRM Mobile (iOS and Android).
eWay-CRM has its own module Tasks which is separated from Microsoft Tasks, TODO, Planner, etc. Our tasks allow us to create custom fields, look of forms, modify the set up workflows, manage permissions, and much more.

Tutorial for

  1. eWay-CRM Desktop
    1. Create a Task in Contact Window
    2. Create a Task in Microsoft Outlook Ribbon
  2. eWay-CRM Online
  3. eWay-CRM Mobile

eWay-CRM Desktop

Create a Task in Contact Window

  1. Open a Contact.

  3. Click Add New and choose Task.
  4. Add New Task to Contact


  5. A task window will pop up with the predefined Contact Person, date fields, Solver, and Delegator.
  6. New Task Window


  7. Specify Start Date, Due Date, Status, and Priority. Set up the Reminder if needed. You can add an email to the task to see the reason why the task was created.
  8. Warning
    Reminders are available since license Contacts and Companies (Professional) – for more information see Compare Plans.

    Add Reminder to Task


  9. You may want to assign the task to another person. You just click Solver field and select the correct user from the list. When you save the task, the new solver automatically receives a notification about assigning to this task.
  10. Delegate Task to Different Solver

Tip on faster adding of a new task
In any list of items, you can right-click an item and select Add New where you choose what item you want to add.


Create a Task in Microsoft Outlook Ribbon

  1. In Outlook, go to the eWay-CRM ribbon and click New where you select Task.
  2. New Task in Outlook


  3. New task window opens.
  4. New Task


  5. To relate the task with the contact, just select it in the Contact field. If the contact has filled company, it will be automatically filled in task too.
  6. Select Contact on Outlook Task


  7. Fill in other values if you want and click Save and Close.

eWay-CRM Online

  1. Click the eWay-CRM icon in the email body and select New > Task.
  2. Add Task


  3. You will see the new item dialog where you can fill in all values you want.
  4. New Task


  5. If you are done, click Save or Save and Close.
  6. Save Task


  7. Your new item will be immediately displayed in the list. If you need to create another task, just click New Task right in the list.
  8. Add Item

Tip on converting an email to a task
If you click on an email in Outlook and see its preview in eWay-CRM Online, you can convert it to a task. For more information, see the article about Preview Panel.

eWay-CRM Mobile

  1. You can create a task right in the main menu when you tap +.

    Add Item

    Then, select New Task.

    New Task


  3. Task can be added also in the Tasks list when you tap + icon.
  4. Add New Task


  5. You cal also create new task in the item detail or its HUB when you tap + icon.

    Add Item

    Then, select New Task.

  6. New Task


  7. No matter what way you choose, new task detail will be opened. You can fill in all fields you need. If you create a task from another item, some values will be pre-filled (Superior item, Customer or Contact Person).

  9. If you are satisfied with values, tap Save.
  10. Save Task

Tip on quicker tasks
You don’t have to open eWay-CRM Mobile to create tasks. Just tap and hold the icon of the application and you will see a menu where you can select New Task.