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Create Follow-up Tasks for Contacts

Set up reminders for youself or your teammates to stay in touch with your customers.

How to Create Task in eWay-CRM

  1. Open a Contact.

  3. Click Add New and choose Task.
  4. Add New Task to Contact


  5. A task window will pop up with the predefined Contact Person, date fields, Solver and Delegator.
  6. New Task Window

  7. Specify Start Date, Due Date, Status, Priority. Set up the Reminder if needed.
  8. Add Reminder to Task

  9. You may want to assign the task to another person. You just click Solver field and select correct user from the list. When you save the task, new solver automatically receives notification about assigning to this task.
  10. Delegate Task to Different Solver

How to Create Task in Microsoft Outlook Ribbon

  1. In Outlook, go to the eWay-CRM ribbon and click New where you select Task.
  2. New Task in Outlook


  3. New task window opens.
  4. New Task

  5. To relate task with the contact, just select it in the Contact field. If the contact has filled company, it will be automatically filled in task too.
  6. Select Contact on Outlook Task

  7. Fill in other values if you want and click Save and Close.

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