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Create Contacts from Emails

Learn how to create new contact with two clicks.

If you save multiple contacts by one company, your contacts will be nicely organized and all emails will be automatically linked with the company too. If you open the company, you will find there all related contacts including the history of their communications.
You also add a company just as a text. The company won’t be created in our module Companies but will be listed as plaintext by the contact.
Tip for elimination of duplicates
To prevent duplicates, turn on the duplicate check in the Administration Center > Features > Contacts & Companies. Turn on Check for duplicates (by any of the email addresses). More here.

Tutorial for

  1. eWay-CRM Desktop
  2. eWay-CRM Online

eWay-CRM Desktop

  1. To create a contact from an email, right-click the email in your mailbox and select Convert to Contact in the context menu.
  2. Convert Email to Contact

    Or open the email and click Convert to Contact in the top right part of the email window.

    Convert Email to Contact


  3. A new contact card will be created with the email attached to it.
  4. Note
    If the user has a Gravatar account and there is a picture related to his or her email address, eWay-CRM downloads this profile picture. eWay-CRM will download also the profile picture of the contact while importing contacts from Microsoft 365 or importing contacts from Outlook.

    Contact Created From Email

    1Full Name – eWay-CRM will try to find a contact with an identical email address and transfer the first and last name from the contact card. If there is no such contact, it will use the prefix of the email address.
    2Email 1 is the sender email address.
    3Email that was used for creating contact is related to the contact in the HUB and Email tab.


  5. You can select a company if it’s already saved in eWay-CRM by clicking the Select Item sign (in this case company’s address can be copied onto the contact card automatically). If the company doesn’t exist yet, you can create it by clicking the Create New Itemcontact_email_04.png
  6. Convert email

eWay-CRM Online



Tip on using on mobile phones
This manual works also on mobile phones. Just find the addin – here is how.
  1. If you have eWay-CRM Online, just click an email you want to convert to contact and click Convert to Contact.
  2. Convert email


  3. The new item will be opened in eWay-CRM Web. Basic information (name, email address) is automatically filled in and you can insert any other data you want. Then, just save the contact.
  4. New contact

Tip on sharing contacts
When you want to share a contact, you can start the chat using Teams or send it by email. The buttons are implemented in eWay-CRM.
Some countries apply a strict security policy on how to protect personal data (e.g. GDPR in the European Union, CCPA in California, etc.). eWay-CRM implemented features to simplify your compliance with GDPR. They can be also used to assist you with your CCPA compliance. To activate them, please visit our GDPR section.
!!!IMPORTANT!!! eWay-CRM does not hold responsibility whether you pass the data protection policies and regulations. It only provides you with tools that can make your life easier. To be sure that you are compliant with your regulations, please talk to appropriate lawyers or consultants.