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Create Automated Notifications

eWay-CRM Workflow Can Save Your Time with Auto-Generated Emails.

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When you create a new workflow, you may want to send a notification to a Manager or a specific group of users to inform them about a new status of a deal/project.
Notifications can be triggered while you move a deal/project from one status to another.

This article focuses on the advance workflow. For more information about advance workflow, please go to our documentation.
  1. On the main ribbon of eWay-CRM Desktop press SHIFT and click Admin Center so the old version of Admin Center would be opened.
  2. Admin Center


  3. Click Workflow Diagrams ad select workflow where you want to add the action.
  4. Workflow Statuses


  5. In the workflow diagram wizard, you will see a window for creating actions. Click Add action.
  6. Add Action After


  7. Select Send Email from a drop-down menu and hit Next.
  8. Send Email Action


  9. Fill in the fields following the instruction below:
  10. If you want a notification to be send to a group of users, fill in the field Recipient Groups with the command

    SQL#SELECT ItemID FROM Groups WHERE GroupName = 'User Group'

    where User Group is a particular group of eWay-CRM users.
    If you want a notification to be send to a particular user, fill in the field Recipient Users with the command

    SQL#select itemid from users where username = 'User Name'

    where User Name is a particular user.

    $CURRENT_ITEM[FileAs]: Deal converted to Project

    Body: New Project has been created.

    For example:

    Send Email Action Example


  11. If you are creating a series of notifications, you may want to import and export a template using the button Template at the bottom of the window.
  12. Import or Export Action Template


  13. Click Next.

  15. You can review the task on the next step. Click Finish.
  16. Send Email Action Completed


  17. Wait for 30 sec for automatic synchronization or synchronize changes manually. To do that, right-click on the eWay-CRM agent in the system tray and select Synchronize.
  18. Synchronization


  19. Now, you will receive a notification to your email.
Id you need a help with the creating of automated emails, please contact us on[email protected].

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