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Convert Deals to Companies, Contacts and Projects

Learn How to Get Maximum from Your eWay-CRM.

You may want to create a company, contact and/ or project as soon as a prospect becomes your customer. You receive many incoming deals, but only few of them start doing business with you. It is much better to put them into eWay-CRM as deals and convert them to companies once they agree to become your customers.

  1. Click on Closed Won status in the workflow tab.
  2. Convert Deal to Project

  3. A new window will pop-up. Check Project (if you use the Project module), Company and Contact and click Yes.
  4. Convert Deal to Project

The company, contact and project will be created in eWay-CRM with all communication history transferred from the deal. The deal itself will stay in eWay-CRM with the status as “Closed Won“.

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