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Introduction to Plans and Pricing

Which version of eWay-CRM is the right for you? Let’s find out!

Applies to
eWay-CRM Desktop, eWay-CRM Online and eWay-CRM Mobile (iOS and Android).

eWay-CRM is a powerful platform that helps businesses with organizing Contacts & Companies, Sales, Projects, and Email Marketing. Each of these four modules can be activated and deactivated separately which allows you to scale eWay-CRM exactly to your current needs.

Contacts & CompaniesThe core module everybody starts with. Allows you to work with contacts, and companies, track communications and plan follow-ups.
SalesGreat for all who want to keep deals and business opportunities well organized.
ProjectsKeeping track of all your deliveries or internal projects, including timesheets and resource planning.
MarketingAn in-built email marketing tool for efficient campaigns.

We understand that every organization is different. This is why each module comes in four plans you can choose from:

FreeLite version with limited features. Great for startups, non-profits, or teams with limited budgets.
BasicStarting edition for small teams that need basic customizations and live support.
ProfessionalAdvanced plan for teams that need professional CRM and phone support.
EnterpriseThe ultimate plan for those who want all features without compromises.

The following scheme illustrates the complete list of options you have:

Contacts & Companies
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher
Contacts & Companies Basic or higher

You can set up any combination with just two limitations:

  1. If you use Contacts & Companies Free, your Sales, Projects, and Marketing must stay in the Free plan as well.

    If you upgrade Contacts & Companies to Basic, Professional, or Enterprise, you can (but you don’t have to) upgrade your Sales, Projects, and Marketing as well. If you want, your Sales, Projects, and Marketing can stay in the Free plan.

  2. You have to keep the same plan for a module. If you, for example, subscribe to Sales Professional, all users who need the module Sales must work with the Professional plan. You can’t buy half of your sales team Sales Professional, and the other half just Sales Basic. One group can have a paid plan but second group will not have module at all (cannot have Free either).

To find out what features are included in each module/plan, visit our complete comparison table. For more information about our pricing, visit the price page.

What Modules and Plans Do You Need (Example)

The eWay-CRM pricing can fit many businesses. Let’s have a look at a specific use case:

Your team consists of:

  1. 1x CEO
  2. 2x Sales Reps
  3. 1x Project Manager
  4. 1x Office Manager

You can subscribe for:

  1. 5x Contacts & Companies (Professional), because everybody must start with this module.
  2. 4x Sales and give access to your Sales Reps, Office Manager, and CEO.
  3. 3x Projects and give access to your Project Manager, Office Manager, and CEO.
  4. Marketing and give access to your Office Manager and CEO. Sales Managers will still have access to basic responses, such as “Contact received a marketing email”, “Contact clicked on a hyperlink”, etc.

The goal is to save you money and give you the freedom to set up the configuration as you need. Whenever you bring a new person on board, you can add more licenses. It’s easy. Just set up your combination in the Admin Center.

What Tools Are Included

Our goal is to deliver the best CRM for Outlook. Since Microsoft Outlook runs on your PC, Mac, web, and mobile, eWay-CRM also contains apps for all operating systems.

eWay-CRM DesktopOur primary product containing complete functionality. You can download the Outlook extension to your Microsoft Outlook for Windows and get the job done!
eWay-CRM OnlineThe new add-in that sits inside your Outlook 365, no matter if you are on Mac, web, mobile, or PC. Furthermore, you have an online client that runs inside any supported web browser.
eWay-CRM MobileNative apps for iOS and Android.


If you subscribe to eWay-CRM, you automatically get access to all tools. Just set them up and start working!

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