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Add a New Journal to a Contact

Track Phone Calls and Meeting Minutes with your Customers.

Applies to
eWay-CRM Desktop, eWay-CRM Online and eWay-CRM Mobile (iOS and Android).

Tutorial for

  1. eWay-CRM Desktop
  2. eWay-CRM Online
  3. eWay-CRM Mobile

eWay-CRM Desktop

  1. Open a Contact.

  3. Click Add New and choose Journal.
  4. Add New Journal to Contact


  5. The Journal card will pop up with the prefilled Contact, Start Time and End Time. Additionally, you can specify other fields:
  6. New Journal Dialog

    1Subject (short description of the activity, e.g. “Initial call,“ “Follow-up call,“ “Discussion about …“).
    2Type (drop-down menu can be customized).
    You can also add Superior Item or Customer.


  7. Use Note field to specify details of a call/meeting.
  8. Note on Journal

  9. Click Save.
  10. Tip on relations
    You can use Add New and Link to Existing on the top ribbon to relate your journal with different items such as Emails, Documents, Tasks, Deals, Projects, etc.


  11. Now, you can find all your activities under the Journal tab on the contact card.
  12. Journal Tab on Contact


  13. You can filter or group items by any field, e.g. by Type.Learn more here.
  14. Grouped Journals on Contact

Tip on quick journal
You can easily create a journal right in the Home ribbon or eWay-CRM Desktop ribbon where you select New > Journal. Same result will be achieved when you press SHIFT + WIN + J. You can solve relations right after your call ends.

eWay-CRM Online

  1. Click the eWay-CRM icon in the email body and select New > Journal.
  2. Add Journal


  3. You will see the new item dialog where you can fill in all values you want.
  4. New Journal


  5. If you are done, click Save or Save and Close.
  6. Save Journal


  7. Newly created items will be immediately displayed in the list. If you need to create another journal, just click New Journal right in the list.
  8. Add Item

eWay-CRM Mobile

  1. Open a record (contact, company, deal or project) and click on the plus sign in the top right corner (iOS) or bottom right corner (android).
  2. Add Item


  3. Select New Journal.
  4. Add New Journal


  5. Fill in the desired fields, e.g. Title, Type. If any fields are mandatory in your eWay-CRM Desktop, they will be underscored with red in your mobile app. Write down your notes in the Note field and click Save in the top right corner.
  6. Save Journal

Tip on quicker journal
You don’t have to open eWay-CRM Mobile to create journal. Just tap and hold the icon of the application and you will see a menu where you can select New Journal.