eWay-CRM Implementation Guide

Get familiar with how we implement eWay-CRM into an organization.

Initial Evaluation


#1 Demo Presentation

Our Solution Specialist will learn about your business, its processes and how eWay-CRM® can help.

Via a screen sharing session, she/he will show you how eWay-CRM® can work for you.

You know what eWay-CRM® can do for your business.

#2 Free Trial

We will guide you through the installation process so that you and a few key users may try eWay-CRM® Premium. Our Solution Specialist will remain available to assist as needed. You experience what eWay-CRM® can do for your business.

#3 Order / Initial Payment

You confirm your order for eWay-CRM® and for additional professional services such as implementation, customization and training. We provide you with the payment terms and what we need to get started. Confirmed list of products and services.

Order confirmed and payment made.

#4 Let’s Go

Let’s get started making eWay-CRM® work for you. Product Delivery and Implementation starts.



#1 Design Your Team,
Set Up Project Scope

In order to get started, we need you to designate a project manager (your PM) and a few key users from your company. Your PM will serve as a point of contact as we work together to design and implement eWay-CRM® based upon your requirements.

Our PM will schedule a kick-off meeting with your PM and key users. At the meeting, they will define the project specifications along with important milestones and deadlines.

1. Team responsible for the delivery is assembled.

2. Project specifications with milestones are created.

#2 Implementation

Per your specifications, our PM sets up eWay-CRM® by customizing modules, importing data, and establishing integrations with other software. eWay-CRM® installed and set up according to you requirements (on your server or Cloud).

#3 Fine Tunning

Our PM will make eWay-CRM® available to your PM and key users.

They will start using eWay-CRM® in order to become familiar with the software and identify areas that need additional work prior to roll-out.

Our PM will then schedule additional meetings with your PM to obtain feedback and to discuss the progress on issues identified by your team.

Fine Tunned eWay-CRM®.

#4 First Training

eWay-CRM® is made available by your PM to all Outlook users in your company.

Our PM conducts the first training for all users.

eWay-CRM® is made available to all users.

Users understand basic operations and how to work within eWay-CRM®.

#5 Go Live

Users work with eWay-CRM®. They consult with your PM regarding questions and feedback. Your PM is able to answer most questions. Your PM may seek advice on more complicated issues from our PM.

At this point, we have met the original specifications. As additional feedback is obtained from users, our PM will work with your PM to discuss if and when additional modifications may be needed.

All users start to work with eWay-CRM®.

#6 Second Training

Our PM consults with all users regarding their questions and concerns that have arisen since the initial phase of the project. Our PM instructs users on advanced features to permit a more efficient use of the software. Users know how to work efficiently with eWay-CRM®.

#7 Acceptance

Our PM meets with your PM to make sure that we have satisfied the project specifications created at the initial stage.
You acknowledge in writing that we have met your requirements. We will then invoice your company pursuant to the terms of the contract.
Project specifications met. Remaining balance paid in full.

#8 Sustain and Improve

Our Support Specialists are ready to answer questions via our support desk.

In addition, you will have a dedicated Account Manager to make sure that you and your employees remain satisfied eWay-CRM® users.

eWay-CRM® becomes an essential part of your business.

Do you have questions? Our consultants have answers.