Outlook CRM Background

eWay-CRM is closely integrated with the Task module in Microsoft Outlook. You may want to:

  • create tasks right in eWay-CRM while you are working with a project, or
  • create tasks in Outlook first and link them to items in eWay-CRM.

In both cases, as a result, tasks will appear in the tasks list in Outlook.


Creating Tasks in eWay-CRM

  1. Open a Project.
  2. Click Add New and choose Task.


  3. A task window will pop up with the predefined Subject: Customer (1) and Project name (2).


    The Superior Item will be also predefined.


  4. Specify Start date, Due date, Status, Priority. Set up the Reminder if needed.


  5. You may want to assign the task to another person by clicking the corresponding button in the ribbon. Learn more about this functionality here. Click Save & Close.



Creating Tasks in Outlook

  1. In Outlook, go to the Tasks module (at the bottom part of the side menu).


  2. Click the New Task button to create a new task. It will open the Task window.


  3. Fill in all the necessary fields—Subject, Start and Due Date, etc. and specify a Superior Item (contact, company, deal, project or marketing campaign). In case you leave the field empty the task will not be saved to eWay-CRM and will stay in Microsoft Outlook only.


  4. Click Save & Close.

eWay-CRM allows you to create automatic tasks when the status of projects is being changed, e.g. a task can be created for a Project Manager once a Financial Manager changed the status to Invoiced.

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