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How to Attach Photos in eWay-CRM Mobile

Take pictures of meeting minutes or documents using your mobile phone.

If you prefer using a whiteboard / pen & paper with your clients or partners in meetings, you may want to take pictures after meetings and attach them to contacts, companies, leads or projects.

  1. Open a record (contact, company, lead or project) and click on the plus sign in the top right corner (iOS) or bottom right corner (Android).

  2. Select New Photo.

  3. Take a picture and tap Use Photo/OK to save the photo.

  4. Fill in the desired fields, e.g. Name and Type. If any fields are mandatory in your eWay-CRM Outlook plug-in, they will be underscored with red in your mobile app. Write down your notes in the Note field and click Save in the top right corner.

If you need to edit or delete a photo, you can do it on your computer or tablet within eWay-CRM Outlook plug-in.

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