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How to Link Emails to Contacts Automatically

Save Emails Related to Your eWay-CRM Contacts Automatically.

You can specify conditions for saving emails to contacts automatically in eWay-CRM Settings > Emails.



Now, when you click Send in your Outlook, eWay-CRM will look for the contact in the database. If there is such a contact, eWay-CRM will link the email to it. All emails can be found under the Emails tab on the contact card.


When you send emails, you can also link them to a Superior Item, i.e. a deal  or a project where this person is specified as a contact.


You can click on save_emails_auto_05 to open the deal/project in a separate window, you can click on save_emails_auto_06 to search a deal/project, or you can click on save_emails_auto_07 to clear the field.

Click OK to save the email to eWay-CRM or click Cancel if you don’t want to save it.

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