Outlook CRM Background

GDPR requires that a personal data processing consent is recorded – a unique record for every processing purpose. That means that the subject might agree that we keep his/her personal data for the purpose of sending educational materials, however, if we haven’t got his/her consent for data processing for marketing purposes, we cannot use it for those purposes. Despite the fact that a vast majority of companies will be recording just one consent, we will demonstrate how to use the function universally.

We create a set of fields in eWay-CRM. These fields represent consents received for processing purposes. We can choose classic check boxes or record the date and time.  This way we can record Date Consent Received. The second possibility later allows us to filter those contacts that gave us consent five years ago (because according to our internal politics, we need to renew the consent after five years, respectively delete the client from our database.)

  1. Open Administration Settings.

  2. Click on the Custom Fields button.

  3. Click on the Contacts, Companies or Deals.

  4. In the top left area, click New.

  5. Choose the desired type – Date or Check Box.

  6. Type the name of the field – e.g. Date of consent for marketing purposes received or Marketing purposes consent (or any other name according to your preference).

  7. Click OK.
  8. Repeat the steps 4-7 for each processing purpose individually.

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