Outlook CRM Background


  1. Saving Emails to Contacts and Companies Manually
  2. Saving Emails to Contacts and Companies Automatically
  3. Saving Emails to Leads and Projects


eWay-CRM has its own Emails module, separated from Microsoft Outlook. Emails are actually copied from Microsoft Outlook to eWay-CRM, so if a user deletes emails from the inbox or his/her Outlook account is deactivated, all communication stays in eWay-CRM anyway.

There are many ways to add emails to eWay-CRM. It depends on where you want to save them – to Leads / Projects or to Contacts / Companies. You can import emails manually or define rules for auto-saving them.


Saving Emails to Contacts and Companies Manually

Option 1. Right-click on an email in your inbox and choose Save to eWay-CRM.


Option 2. Open an email and click Save to eWay-CRM button.


Option 3. Drag and drop emails (especially if you want to save several emails at once).

Now, if you open the contact/company, the email will be there.



Saving Emails to Contacts and Companies Automatically

You can specify conditions for saving emails to contacts and/or companies automatically in eWay-CRM Settings > Emails.




Learn more about additional settings.


Saving Emails to Leads and Projects

If you use Leads and/or Projects modules you may have several business opportunities and projects in progress with the same customer simultaneously. That’s why emails are not assigned to leads / projects automatically. However, if you link an email to a lead/project, all further communication will be linked to the same lead or project automatically. eWay-CRM will take care of keeping the conversation.

To save an email to a lead / project:

  1. Open an email message.
  2. Select Superior item (lead or project) in the bottom part of the opened email.


  3. That’s it. Make sure that the button Save to eWay-CRM is pressed. It signalizes that the email is saved.

Tips for experts: To be able to see what emails have been saved to eWay-CRM in your Microsoft Outlook, you may want eWay-CRM to categorize them automatically.

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