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eWay-CRM Mobile for iPhone allows you to identify caller if he or she is saved in eWay-CRM Contacts – even though his r her number is not saved on your iPhone. This function needs access to call identifications on your iPhone. Please, follow these steps to allow eWay-CRM caller identification:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings.

iPhone Settings

  1. Select Phone section.

Phone Section of Settings

  1. Tap Call Blocking & Identification.

Call Blocking and Identification

  1. Button next to eWay-CRM must be turned on as you see in the picture.

Identification for eWay-CRM

  1. Now, if some caller is saved in your eWay-CRM and not in your phone, you still recognize who is calling you.

Caller From eWay-CRM Is Identified

Recommendation: Save your eWay-CRM phone number with international code, such as +1 for the US numbers. It makes caller identification work correctly.

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