Outlook CRM Background
  1. Click Administration Settings located within the eWay-CRM ribbon and Log In.

    eWay-CRM Administration Settings

  2. Click Users under the Users and Permissions.

    Users Section in Administration Settings

  3. Click New or Edit if you want to reset a password for an existing user.

    New User and Edit User

  4. In both cases, (new or existing user), you need to mark Force Password Change at Next Logon if you want to force the user to reset his or her password.

    User Card

  5. Confirm your choice by clicking OK.
  6. If the check box is marked, this dialog will pop up to each user that is required to change his or her password.

    Change Password

  7. User simply creates a new password in the new with the New Password field.
  8. User will confirm his or her new password by clicking OK.
  9. The new password will be set.

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