Outlook CRM Background

If you delegate task to your colleague, you do not lose the supervision as it is in Microsoft Outlook. You can still change dates or other parameters or you delegate the task to other employee when you see that first solver is not capable to complete it. Microsoft Outlook does not allow you to do this.

eWay-CRM goes even farther. If your colleague has vacation or you have your job done, you can start completion of his or her tasks to help him or her.

  1. Open a task.

  2. Change solver.

  3. Save it.

  4. New solver will receive an email. It is just notification where are no Accept or Deny buttons.

This is essential difference with Microsoft Outlook tasks where you can accept or deny tasks. If you – as supervisor – delegates task to the employee, this task is automatically accepted.

If new solver thinks that this is not his or her task, he or she just opens task and delegates it to correct solver.

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