Outlook CRM Background

Dette er teamet vårt

Finn ut hvem som står bak eWay-CRM.

Ondrej V.


Support Specialist

Ondrej went through many IT positions before eWay and when he joined us, he instantly became an important team member. He takes care of the more difficult technical issues and is able to help customers answer any question. Ondrej likes to read, watch movies and spend time with his family.

Marek M.


Project Manager

Marek considers the project manager post to be his dream job. He has always liked working with people and technologies. He has worked with CRMs for some time. He loves that eWay-CRM is customizable and finds a big room for creativity here.

Miriam S.


Project Manager

Miriam is in charge of implementing our product for the client, as well as the development of specific requests. In her free time, she enjoys movies, exhibitions, or theatre – which she even plays! She is also a passionate traveler, a skier, and a yogi.

Jiri F.



Jiri is in charge of customizations and SQL triggers for our customers who need more than just standard functions from eWay-CRM.
Coming to eWay-CRM from the customer side, he understands the challenges our clients are facing and he is always able to help them accomplish their wishes.

Adama Z.



Adam works on our web applications. He makes them easy and user friendly. He always thinks how to improve the design. In his free time he goes to the gym, loves reading and travelling.

Jan S.



Jan specializes on eWay-CRM Outlook Addin development. He is responsible for almost all new features we add into our Outlook CRM system and pays attention that everything works like a charm. Jan is a passionate musician who can play electric guitar, bass guitar and many other instruments.

Stepan H.



Stepan works on mobile apps, synchronization features and internal projects. He is a big talent who quickly earned our trust and became an crucial member of eWay-CRM Development Team. Stepan is a pathfinder. Gets a huge challenge and has to find a way how to bring it to life. Always succeeds.

Ondrej S.


Marketing Manager

Ondrej is our content marketing specialist and copywriter. He is the author of newsletter called Weekend reading, which you get in your mailbox. He has his own food blog and is a passionate cook. In his free time, he plays music as a DJ.

Patricie Z.


Office Manager

She keeps us all well-organized. We can hardly imagine our lives without her. She is a very dynamic person and loves Playstation. She always surprises us with different meals she can make.

Jiri T.


Sales Director

Jiri is a highly experienced Sales Manager who has been a part of our team since 2011. He participated on many projects all around the world and helped many customers. Jiri graduated from Japanese culture and his calm and professionalism helps him deal with any challenges clients put before him.

Iva P.



Iva just doesn’t stop smiling. Another super-positive member of our team who can turn a bad day to the best one. Iva takes care of the finance, invoicing and payrolls. That’s why we bring her flowers and small presents on a daily basis.

Roman Stefko



Roman is the best technical expert of our team and runs the development team. Always finds a way even from the darkest places. Started with programming in early age and in eWay team, he can utilize more than 15 years experience with IT. Roman is a father of eWay-CRM, designs it and keeps it in a great shape.

Jan Lalinsky



Jan is the team support. He has been a part of eWay-CRM from the beginning and since that time, he went through every position. This fact helps him assist anybody who needs help. Jan also makes sure the company goals are met and customers are always happy.