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Building on our worldwide experience of providing airborne LiDAR scanning, we have been inspired to expand due to a significant interest from companies requiring increased quality and efficiency in airborne LiDAR scanning all around the world.

Our objective is to provide our customers with the highest quality LiDAR-survey data obtainable, while still offering significant savings.

We take on end-to-end projects, but we also deliver raw data to other lidar acquisition companies in need of ad hoc capacity or have projects located outside their normal operation area.



PANTRONIC startet opp sin virksomhet juni 2007.  Gjennom et tett samarbeid med TRUMPF og Lissmac skal Pantronic fremstå som en servicevennlig og seriøs maskinleverandør innen Norsk plateindustri. Pantronic skal til enhver tid vise nyheter samt følge opp kundenes behov.