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Quotes and Billing - Master eWay-CRM

Create quotes and invoices in eWay-CRM and keep them well-organized.

Step 1: Make List of Your Products/Services

In order to start selling, you need to clarify the prices. If you sell goods, create a list of all your stock items. If you provide services, list them too and specify your hourly rate.

To Make a List Manually:

  1. Click New on the eWay-CRM ribbon and select Products.

Add New Product

  1. Specify the Name, Product ID, Unit and List Price. Click Save and Close.

Fill Values of Product

Outlook CRM Tip Tip for you: You can import products from an Excel spreadsheet or customize the list of units. See the links below.
How to Import Data From Microsoft Excel

How to Customize Drop-Down Menus

Step 2: Create Quotes and Invoices

eWay-CRM makes creating proposals and invoices simple, reliable and efficient. Use your product catalog to determine the price automatically.

Creating a Proposal

  1. On the eWay-CRM ribbon in Microsoft Outlook, click New and select Bookkeeping Record.

Add New Bookkeeping Record

  1. Choose a Name, select the type called Issued Proposal. Click Active. Also, select Customer and Superior Item if you want to add the proposal to a business deal or a project.

Fill Values of Bookkeeping Record

  1. Add products/services into the bookkeeping record. You can search them by ID or Name. You can change the Quantity, Sale Price or apply a Discount.

Insert Product

  1. As soon as you make the proposal, save it.
  2. Click Export to Word > Proposal. A Microsoft Word template will open with predefined data.

Export to Word

  1. Click File > Share > Send as PDF. A new email will appear with your quote attached as PDF. Send the email.

Attach to Email

Creating an invoice is similar. Just choose the Sales Invoice in step 2.

Outlook CRM TipTip for you: To link emails sent from Microsoft Outlook to eWay-CRM, please have a look here: How to Link Emails to Deals

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